Mexican restaurant dinner

Going to a Mexican restaurant tonight for a friends birthday dinner, how can I find a low cal meal? Any suggestions would help. I’m obviously not cooking my own meal and since it’s a celebration I really want to be able to have fun and go to dinner, any advice would help need low calorie


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    I order tacos al carbon (steak tacos). They're just steak and tortillas, pretty easy to guesstimate calorie-wise.
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    Check out their menu online and see if they have nutritional info. If not, check out a similar restaurant that does and assume it's close enough.
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    I would do the chicken or steak fajitas. Everything would probably come separate and you make your own thing. Hold the tortillas and just get rice. Then eyeball however much of a serving of rice you want (1/2 cup, 3/4 cup, 1 cup etc) Top it with all the meat and veggies you want (make sure the meat is approximately one serving you'd have at dinner). Top it with salsa and a light sprinkle of cheese and maybe 1 tbsp of sour cream. Log your calories as accurately as you can and make sure they fit into your calories for the day (have a salad for lunch if you need to to make it work). You will most likely have enough leftover to have at least 1 or 2 more servings of the dish but just pack the rest up and eat it maybe for lunch tomorrow.

    Mission accomplished.
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    I usually get a chicken tostada. Because that's what I like, and it's a big ole pile o' salad. I get extra pico and pour it on, and take almost all the sour cream off. I log 800 cals and call it good.

    You can pretty easily estimate Mexican, it's the same ten ingredients with different presentations.
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    you could also ask them to cook the meat and peppers/onions in little to no oil if possible.
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    Yum I love mexican food. Maybe just get something simple that you can estimate pretty easily, like tacos or fajitas. It's just tortillas, meat, plus whatever toppings you put on there like pico, guac, etc.
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    I get a shrimp salad and leave out the dressing.
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    Since eating out for a special occasion is not typical for me I am mindful of my choices but don’t stress about being over on calories for the day. I still log it all to keep myself accountable.

    Fajitas with no tortillas are a good option for me and I ask for extra shredded lettuce. Some places also have a “skinny margarita”.

    On those weeks that special occasions happen I recognize that I likely won’t lose weigh that week. And that’s ok with me. It helps me learn how I will work my maintenance plan in the future.
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    For special occasions I don’t stress on calories and just make adjustments the rest of the week for it. I do my bet estimate when logging.

    We had a family dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant last night and it was also my rest day so no workout burn. I was 1000 cals over for the day but my weekly is still on track.

    Enjoy yourself. uavt6a64vbzq.jpeg
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    Also, margaritas are usually sugar bombs. I recommend sticking with straight shots of tequila. B)

    While certain ‘special’ requests may be easily accommodated (such as hold the cheese or burrito in a bowl) many Tex-Mex places aren’t necessarily so great at things like “please cook my meat and veggies in less oil”. They may try, but just don’t count on it.

    There was a suggestion to skip tortillas and have rice instead. Keep in mind that Mexican Rice is often prepared with oil, butter or some other fat source added in, so tread carefully.

    I often get the chili Colorado or chili Verdi if it’s on the menu. I really like them, but sometimes the meat can be very fatty.

    Using information from websites of popular chain restaurants will give you some idea of relative caloric values.

    Also, remember chips = high disaster potential. Best to think that through before you sit down. And to not show up to the restaurant famished.
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    What’s your calorie budget for the meal? How are you doing relative to your weekly calorie goal? Saying you’re looking for something low cal isn’t always very helpful - I don’t know what your overall calorie allotment is and how you tend to manage from day to day or week to week.

    For example I Bank calories during the week, plus I exercise extra, plus eat light during the day if I know I am going to have a special occasion restaurant meal on a Saturday. I can usually fit 1000-1500 dinners in on the weekends without going over my weekly calorie allotment. If you haven’t planned ahead, don’t have exercise cals to play with, and are trying to stay under 500 cals it so, then that’s going to be a very different answer.
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    Tacos . . . mmmmmmm. Sorry; what was the question?
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    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    If this isn't a regular kind of thing, I'd just go and enjoy myself and not really worry about it.

    This. One meal will have no effect at all on your weight loss long term, unless it leads to routinely exceeding your calorie goal. Eat what you want, log it, and move on.