What did you do with clothes that are now too large for you?

Keep or donate? If you are keeping them, why?


  • Howard_M_Burgerz
    Howard_M_Burgerz Posts: 61 Member
    hah! I've been wondering this myself. Do people keep their clothes that no longer fit just in case?
  • angmarie28
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    I kept them so quite a while (because i didnt want to buy new clothes yet) then I donated them. although it would be fun to keep one pair if you have a good amount to lose to compare them to your new smaller sized ones
  • stewarm01
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    Keeping them for some time, I'm working out in a few (don't really care how I look when working out or on track)

    Then I will eventually donate.
  • Cassandraw3
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    Kept some and got rid of some. I got rid of my largest clothes when I first lost a lot of weight 6-7 years ago but kept some of my in between sized clothes (part of this also was the transition from college to "adult" world aka business casual). This time, I am keeping my larger clothes to be used as maternity clothes when needed. After that, I will get rid of them.
  • her4g63
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    I donated most of it (kept some to use as "work on the car" or out in the shop clothes that I don't care about getting dirty). I do wish I had a pair still from when I was at my heaviest 'cause I love those comparison photos.
  • Xerogs
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    I donated most of my clothes of a certain size I will probably end up donating more down the road. I kind of keep the clothes that are an in-between size, some shirts that are XL are tight others fit well and same with XXL some fit well where I am at and others I swim in. I think once I fit into all XL shirts and all XXL are swimming on me then I will donate the XXL or keep them for just around the house wear. Same with pants and suits. I don't plan on being that large again so once I hit goal weight there is no real reason to keep those clothes so donating is the best option in my opinion.
  • bobshuckleberry
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  • unigirl143
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    I donate my clothes. I don't plan on gaining back to where I was. I think I have a few old work shirts hanging around the back of my closet to pull out and see how far I have become.
    There are so many people out there that would be able to put old clothes to use that I feel it it selfish for me to hang on to things I am not using anymore.