Anyone NOT on keto?



  • Lillymoo01
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    I lost around 80 pounds and have maintained for over a year while still enjoying my carbs. In saying that I don't eat anywhere near the bread, pasta and rice as I used to but there is no way I could remove them totally from my diet and it still be sustainable.

    I am a firm believer that success is more likely if, when losing weight, you don't have too many rules and restrictions. Keep to calories in being less than calories out as the only rule you have to follow. How you choose to meet that rule will vary greatly from person to person. There is no way I'd have long-term success if I were eating foods I didn't enjoy much while not eating foods I do enjoy.
  • PAV8888
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    During my "major" weight loss phase I ate 44C 33F 23P.
    Since then I've been closer to: 52.2C 27.3F 20.5P.
    Carbs increased from 282g to 380g.
    Fat decreased from 93g to 89.5g.
    Protein increased from 148g to 149g
    Fiber from 35g to 52g
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    OP, I'm so thankful for this thread. All those keto threads were depressing. I can understand people doing it for health reasons, but not because it's the fad dujour. When I go out to eat here in Rome, the restaurants are full of skinny Italians eating pizza, pasta, and then there's gelato.... I kept thinking something just didn't add up, even though I know they're into portion control. Thanks again.
  • Spadhnik
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    In not on Keto.
    I had lost weight before by reducing carb and controlling carbs. (But was eating tummy full with vegs)
    I am going to follow the same now and also later to maintain weight.
  • sci34
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    Just say NO to keto! Like everyone else that's posted here a person can lose weight by cutting back and moving more. I lost 20lbs a few years ago by doing just that. I didn't eliminate anything from my diet. My co worker said I was his inspiration for losing weight. All he's done is eat smaller portions and he has lost over 30.
  • showjack70
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    No keto here. No counting calories either :|
  • shadow2soul
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    :drinker: I feel my best when my carbs are between 40-50% of my calories.
  • bemyyfriend0918
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    You can definitely be successful without Keto! I lost over 100lbs on Keto in the past, but this time around I decided that's not how I wanted to do it. I'm just counting calories/exercising. You'll find there are a ton of people doing it both ways! Good luck :)

    We're here for support if you need us!!
  • tlkirks
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    I just started seriously trying to lose weight and eat healthier a couple weeks ago. So far I'm down 5 pounds, roughly 2.5 pounds a week I'm losing. A friend of mine did the keto diet, lost about 40 pounds very quickly then put about 50 pounds back on once they quit doing it. So I'd rather do it the old fashion way and eventually I'll lose what I need to lose and will maintain it. One of my favorite snacks is 10 pieces of pickled okra. It's only 25 calories and it's very satisfying!! :)
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    does anyone know who pablo is
  • cathipa
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    Yeah I can do low carb (<150g), but can't get with the high fat keto advocates. Feel free to add :)
  • xmarye
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    Counting my calories and focusing on a balanced diet where I eat things that taste great and are healthy (hello great huge amazing salads with creamy dressings, cheese, croutons and everything my heart desires!).

    I focus on cutting down on snacks, eating 3 good meals (used to snacks all day on less than nutritive things, always feeling tired and weak so for me it was a must to change this bad habit and focus on putting together nutritious and filling meals), snacking on fruits if I need to, and having one PORTION of a dessert of my choice after dinner while fitting all of that within my calories (lately it's either a square or two of chocolate topped with peanut butter or some ice cream). This leaves me feeling energized, satieted and satisfied. I naturally tend to eat less carbs and more fat, at around 100g net carbs.

    I used to do keto and loved it, but just not feeling it now. I appreciate this more relaxed attitude towards food, where if I want to have a freshly baked muffin I did with my daughter I can have one, or I can also save more calories for dinner and have a bowl of spaghetti with my mom's homemade spaghetti sauce, which is THE best! ♥ I also got some zucchini so I can spiralize them and work at finishing the leftover sauce, but it's not because ''I can't'' have pasta. I just tend to skip carbs and go for more veggies in general because I feel fuller for less calories, plus I get extra nutrients.

    Basically, I used to overdo it on the junky processed carbs, now I base my diet around protein, veggies, fruits and complex carbs but allow myself a little something sweet after dinner to nourrish my soul, once I nourrished my body first.
  • orngnerdz
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    No keto here, y husband tried it a year or so ago and liked it for a minute but gave up because it made him feel awful. I've lost about 40 pounds watching my food intake and going to the gym. I know a few people that JUST do keto and don't exercise and that drives me bananas. But, that's just me!
  • kcpond
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    I am not either. I still will eat pasta, just not as much and not as often.
  • krisleve7707
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    no keto for me either. Cutting out food groups is not my cup of tea. I started a simple walking program and watching my calories and have lost 5 pounds in the last 4 weeks.
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