What is the one food you absolutely refuse to eat?



  • DeeBrown173
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  • admaarie
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    Blue cheese 😷
  • A_perfect_me
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    Cottage cheese
  • Misty_1375
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    SUSHI! Ick!
  • A_perfect_me
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    Misty_1375 wrote: »
    SUSHI! Ick!

    Right! I refuse to eat raw sushi but cooked varieties can be delicious 😋
  • smantha32
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    ilfaith wrote: »
    Rabbit...thanks to my neighbors' pet bunny.

    As for commonly eaten foods...I cannot stand raspberries...all other berries are fine.

    And the nastiest food I ever tried...one that shall never pass my lips again...sea cucumber (tasted at a Chinese wedding banquet...the whole meal was a bit like that show Fear Factor)

    I had sea cucumber at a Chinese wedding once too. I guess that's a thing. It was like eating an eraser.
  • smantha32
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    ^ yeah, raw oysters.......it would be like trying to swallow a loogie

    That's pretty much what it's like.

    Another vote for Oysters, Liver, Beets, licorice, snails, tongue, crawfish, brussell sprouts, spam, squid, avocado, most things fermented, and various ethnic things like haggis and feet.

    There's a lot of stuff I don't like. lol
  • tierra85
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    squid. no thanks.
  • elsie6hickman
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    I'm on the liver and beets list
  • Nicksmom106
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    No tofu, no black liquorice, no thyme, no pig feet, nose ears or chicken feet...I shared an office with a chick born in Cambodia and I.loved her dearly but she would.make.me gag when she would bring the pig and chicken parts 😷 I think she did it more the greener i got....😒
  • motivatedmartha
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  • shaf238
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  • xmarye
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    Avocado... I tried so many times and I just can't bring myself to like it!
  • 777Gemma888
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    Dog or cat meat
  • riouxha4917
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    Cottage cheese. And jell-o
  • MissDevin
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  • lililomo2
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    eggs with runny yolks - BLECH!
  • Steff46
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    Okra.......... :s