Sweetener - which is the best tasting?



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    Maple syrup when I bake muffins, blackstrap molasses (which has useful amounts of iron and potassium) in my oatmeal, otherwise I don't add much sugar to stuff (but when I do, I use actual sugar, honey or maple syrup).
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    Maple syrup when I bake muffins, blackstrap molasses (which has useful amounts of iron and potassium) in my oatmeal, otherwise I don't add much sugar to stuff (but when I do, I use actual sugar, honey or maple syrup).

    Maple syrup makes the best cake frosting. When my daughter was little, she had a sensitivity to corn and I found a recipe for maple meringue frosting that you make by boiling maple syrup (preferably the dark kind) until it's 235 degrees and then drizzling it into 2 whipped egg whites and continuing to beat until it's all cooled down.

    It was the perfect recipe for a corn sensitive kid, parents who didn't like overly sweet frostings (it's still plenty sweet), and it's fluffy, delicious and good on both chocolate and vanilla cakes.

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    I like real sugar and honey but am trying to eat less so use some Splenda and Truvia.
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    I don't like Stevia in coffee, but DH drinks it every morning. I prefer Monk Fruit.

    I drink aspartame in Coke Zero. Chick Fil A diet lemonade is made with Spenda.

    So I drink a variety, but we only keep Monk Fruit, Splenda (various brands) and table sugar in the house. I prefer Monk Fruit to sugar actually, I only like a little sweetener in my coffee. Stevia, even small amounts, is to acutely sweet for me. Sugar is pretty sweet to me too. Monk fruit I put one packet in a 16 ounce coffee, any less coffee and one packet is too sweet. I should really just learn to like it without sweetener.
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    Stevia and eythritol!
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    Stevia...not just because of the whole "natural" BS; simply a taste preference - it's not ridiculously sweet & can have a somewhat bitter aftertaste. Eyrthritol is a close second (very mild sweetness, can upset the GIT)
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    I like splenda
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    I use liquid sucralose when I don't want to add any calories or flavor. I use demerara sugar in my tea because I like the very subtle flavor it gives. I use regular sweeteners (sugar, sorghum, molasses, corn syrup, etc) in my baking because I prefer the results (for my serious Christmas baking and candy making I always buy cane sugar. It might be all in my head but I don't think beet sugar bakes up as nice, General purpose use, I get whatever is on sale)

    The one thing I avoid is stevia. I can't stand the bitter taste and aftertaste.
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    I can't think of anything I add a sweetener of any kind to...but I do enjoy a couple of diet beverages which have either aspartame or sucralose.

    Actually, I do occasionally make my own BBQ sauce and I use regular brown sugar for that.
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    Sugar in my coffee. Sorry I just can't do the artificial sweeteners. They taste a little weird to me. I use less than a tsp of sugar in my coffee so the calories really are pretty negligible.

    Although I do drink diet dr pepper sooo??
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    Monk fruit is the best for me ... there is no funky aftertaste that stevia and artificial sweeteners tend to have. I also use SugaVida for my coffee. It is pricey but full of vitamins and minerals. It has a caramel-like back flavor which makes it great for coffee. I also use coconut sugar sometimes. I try to avoid white sugar.
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    Sugar or honey, depending on what I'm eating it with
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    Lakanto (erythritol and monk fruit) for baking. Stevia for tea and smoothies, the Whole Foods or traders joes stevia powdered extract.
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    There are “natural sweeteners” like Xylatol or erythitol that are very close to sugar. I run a cooking school for Non chefs and dessert is s big issue during our Keo Cooking classes. We just made Panna Cotta with it and it’s better than aspartame for sure. We found our seeet palate has a much lower threshold when you go Keto.
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    Bocha Sweet is expensive but is the only thing I use to bake with now. It acts very close to sugar and it doesn’t taste like a sacrifice.
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    I really dislike artificial sweeteners. I use light agave syrup in my coffee, I find I use less of it then I would sugar in my coffee.
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    I really like these (the thing with Stevia - if you hate the weird taste avoid those 'cut' with Maltodextrin! It makes it taste just terrible to me):