When is it safe to buy new "skinny" clothes?



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    lnalangan wrote: »
    If stuff is too big get it altered by a good tailor to fit your new shape!

    it probably would be more cost effective to just buy clothes that fit from a thrift store second hand store
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    As much as I’d love my whole wardrobe to be size 10 I am keeping my size 12 clothes for winters!
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    You could buy stretchy clothes that will fit your goal size.
    You could wear dresses instead of pants.
    You could get clothes very cheaply at a thrift store. I've gotten things that look like they have never been worn.
    You could have your clothes altered or do it yourself.
    You could get stuff that fits and try to sell what does not.
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    I bought my skinnier clothes when I hit goal and then lost 5lbs more my first month at maintenance. They still fit. I'm petite as well, 5'0". When I bought the skinny clothes, I was between a 4 and 6, now I'd say I'm between a 2 and 4, but I can still wear the 4s I bought either way. The 6s need a belt now. One pair of 4s could use a belt, but not in the same way the 6s do.

    Dresses and shirts I'd go ahead and buy, I don't think I changed that much on my upper body. I could go either way on pants, and it depends on how you like to wear your pants.
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    I'd buy tops that fit you now as that size probably won't change even with a few more lbs. When I was losing, every 10 lbs I dropped a pant size. I bought 2 pairs of dress pants for work and 1 pair of jeans each time. I shopped sales and used coupons so I didn't lose much. When I entered maintenance I did lose a few more lbs so I bought just a few things in the next size down. But my shirt size has stayed the same. Nothing feels better than shopping for the new you!!! Congrats on your success!!!
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    My approach was to slowly get new clothes as occasions arose where I really had to look decent. Over the course of the year, I had a "new wardrobe" which turned out to be flexible enough to accommodate the scale range that ensued my first couple of years in maintenance.
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    This is so difficult! As I was losing I bought a few things here and there at thrift stores. I reached my goal back in April and managed to make it through summer without buying much - dresses are really forgiving. Now that winter is here I am just not able to make my pants from last year (size 6-8) work anymore. Last weekend I bought 3 pair of work pants plus 2 pair of casual leggings/stretchy pants (size 2-4) plus a couple of tops. I erred on the side of looser over tighter - I can always alter them if I lose anymore.

    I have found that 5lbs lost is roughly a size for me.
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    I'm a big believer in "Wear clothes that fit you properly and comfortably". If you need more pants, you buy more pants and have them fit you NOW just how you are. Just a pair or two, not 12.

    Also, some fabrics (especially knits and clothes with Lycra or Spandex) will be more forgiving than others.
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    I like living in the present, go to the store - where clothes are actually affordable - and buy an item or two. THATS IT ...add it to your wardrobe - and go from there.
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    I would try to wait until you've maintained your goal weight for 3 months or so... it's common to gain back about 3 to 5 lbs once you start eating maintenance (though that would not all be fat, in fact maybe no fat, but water can still make clothes fit differently). But if you need to buy something for in between, I would just buy the bare minimum. Don't want your pants falling off in public either.
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    pkweier wrote: »
    I brought stuff at local thrift stores to help me though my different sizes. I still do. One store has a end of season sale during the summer and winter everything is .50 to a 1.00 I don't feel so bad if I only wear it a few times when it got to big I donated it back and got a tax credit on top of it.


    Of course, men's shirts are more coarse sized than womens. When I got down to a Large Tall from an XLT, I bought some new shirts.

    I've been buying pants, jeans and shorts at the thrift shop and have removed all the 37-38" waist items from my closet.

    I have 34"-36" and will probably remove the 36" items after 20# more.

    The thrift shop is my friend for this journey.
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    I am having the same issue. I don't think it a waste to get new clothes, perhaps they can serve as motivation to keep the weight off.