Women who have had liposuction: are you glad you did?



  • collectingblues
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    It can be frustrating when people chime i with stuff you didn't for so I understand that and I am about to dot hat, but not in a malicious way. I saw someone mention coolsculpting. I wouldn't recommend that. A friend of mine had it done and while it worked for a little bit they told her after the last appointment "just continue to watch your weight because any fat you put on will go directly to the abdomen (what they worked on)." Sure enough she got hurt at work and gained a few pounds while she wasn't able to be active and every pound she gained she said went right to the areas they worked on.

    That's part of why I didn't go forward with CoolSculpting after I had an evaluation done. I read online that they were quick to blame *any* issues on the patient and supposed weight gain -- even when the patient's weight had remained the same. I decided that if I was going to spend almost as much on CoolSculpting to see the same results as lipo -- because in most cases, one round won't take care of it -- I was going to save my money for lipo and make sure that the fat got sucked out.

    I have no issue maintaining my weight, but I'll be danged if some provider is going to blame *me* for their technique not working like the marketing says it will.
  • StephCain1990
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    I've had lipo on my hips when I was a similar BMI to you a good few years ago, I felt like my 'love handles' were HUGE compared to the rest of me which seemed more in proportion. I don't remember my weight changing (if it did it was only slight) but it definitely changed my shape so I was pleased with that. However I've since lost weight and now I don't carry much weight on my hips. So I'm not sure if that was from losing weight or the lipo. But I've still got more to lose (esp bum/thighs) so I think it probably has helped keep it off my hips? Anyway, whatever you decide good luck! Just make sure if you go ahead do your research and be prepared for pain!
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    My mom just had some Lipo as a “touch up” to fix some issues after her breast reconstructions last summer. They did her initial reconstruction using abdominal tissue, so she basically got a tummy tuck in order to remake the breasts. When she went in to get a minor repair done on one breast, the doc convinced her that he should repair the far ends of the abdominal inscision. He felt they kind of stuck out instead of laying flat and she had said at one point that they would rub funny on her pants. So he did lipo to help the scars lay flat. She got great results. She was amazed at how a “small” procedure had her in so much pain but it was only for a day or two, the bruising was quite extensive though so be prepared for that if you go through with it. Her scars now lay flat and she is happy with her healing and results. Her situation is obviously different in that she was not necessarily aiming to lose weight or change the way her body looks(she has been about a size 14 for as long as I can remember), but she immediately noticed a difference in how some of her clothing fit and had to put some small darts in the waistbands of pants to keep them from gaping.