Accurate bathroom scale?

Searched but couldn't find.

Who makes an accurate bathroom scale? Preferably one that isn't too expensive.

I've read several reviews, but it seems everything is questionable...


  • Running2Fit
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    I have a weight watchers scale. I just picked one that was a decent price. It matches up with when I get weighed at the doctor and the gym so I figure it’s accurate enough.
  • Danp
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    I have Fitbit Aria scales. I bought them because they're wifi connected and gave all these extra measurements (BMI, Fat %, etc) but they haven't been connected to the wifi in years and I stopped looking at all the other metrics soon after I started using it. So all those extras turned out to be kind of a waste of money.

    That said they seem quite accurate as long as they're not moved and the batteries are charged. I noticed the last few days that the readings I was getting were very inconsistent and didn't seem quite right. I'd step on and the readout would say 122.8kg step on again and it would say 121.1kg, step on a third time and it would say 121.9kg.

    Turns out that low batteries seems to cause the scales to be inconsistent and slightly over-report. With fresh batteries and a quick calibration I got a 120.5kg readings 3 times in a row.
  • thiosulfate
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    I just searched on Amazon for a scale, picked one within my price limit ($20) that had good reviews. I don't really care if my home scale is extremely scale (a difference of 5-10 pounds from the true value is fine) but it is really important to me that my scale is precise.
  • CindyJNC1963
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    I have a Weight Watchers scale and it weighs me almost identical to the scales at the doctor's office. They cost $20 at Amazon.
  • TonyB0588
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    This is what I use. The brand is Taylor.
  • DancingMoosie
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    I also have the digital WW scale. Got it at Walmart, around $20-30.
  • leanjogreen18
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    I had a Fitbit Aria and I liked it ok except you couldn’t move it or your weight would be off.

    It died and I bought a weight guru at Target. It seems to work ok for the price.
  • GottaBurnEmAll
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    I have an earlier model of the Taylor pictured above. It's dead accurate with my doctor's offices. Our master bath is tiny and I have to store the scale in our closet and move it to weigh myself and it still weighs accurately.