What food/drink did you love when you were a child, but can't stomach now?



  • slimgirljo15
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    Egg flip. A drink made with milk, egg, vanilla and sugar. The thought of raw egg puts me off now.
  • abi111
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    sunny- D. i think they changed the recipe to be healthier though so that is why. i would likly love the origonal.
  • lemurcat2
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    How much are you consuming? The regular is 27 g of carbs (mostly flour), 2 g sugar (1 g added).

    Obviously adding syrup adds sugar. Same with anything you might put syrup on.

    Eggos aside (which I did like as a kid, but didn't have that often and not as an adult), some of this discussion is making me realize how picky I was as a kid. I HATED all of those pre-packaged kid lunch things, like lunchables, pop tarts, any pizza-related snack thing (there was some frozen pizza I liked that we would sometimes get when my parents went out).

    I did like canned soup, and usually brought a thermos of soup for lunch.

    One thing I recall enjoying that seems awful now are those microwaveable honey buns. My sister really loved them, which is the main reason we got them, and now she has basically no sweet tooth at all, so clearly tastes change.
  • dulcitonia
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    Potted meat....
  • gallicinvasion
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    I used to love untoasted english muffins with a thick layer of cream cheese on top. Makes me want to gag now!
  • jseams1234
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    Green Peppers. I used to eat them like an apple. I’ll pick every piece out of my food now.
  • debrakgoogins
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    Government cheese
  • rsclause
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    I used to love untoasted english muffins with a thick layer of cream cheese on top. Makes me want to gag now!

    This brought back a memory of what I used to eat for lunch in elementary school, cream cheese and jelly sandwich. That was until I got ill after eating one and never ate one again.
  • lemurcat2
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    My mom made this cherry jello salad with a topping made of cream cheese and Cool Whip for holiday meals and I recall loving it. Haven't had it (or anything with jello) in years, but I suspect I would not be a fan.
  • apullum
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    lgt2015 wrote: »
    Packaged snack cakes like Twinkies, Lil' Debbie cakes, etc. I used to get them in my lunches when I was a kid and loved them. Now they don't even taste like food.

    I came here to mourn Little Debbie brownies. Those were one of the most amazing things when I was a kid, and now they taste nasty.
  • Cbean08
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    Milk. I actually can't stomach it as I developed an intolerance for dairy as I grew up. But I used to chug it all the time until I was about 5.

    Frappaccinos. My mom used to go to the coffee shop on the way to school every morning for her drink and I'd get some sugar-bomb with whipped cream and caramel on top. This was the beginning of my severe caffeine addiction. I haven't had one in years but I'm not super interested in trying it again.
  • lemurcat2
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    Ha, ha, just thought of one.

    I used to love, love, love those cartons of non-alcoholic eggnog that are available this time of year.

    I still always think about getting them when they appear, for old time's sake, but can't say I still enjoy them.
  • AudreyJDuke
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    1% milk
  • RelCanonical
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    Any sort of kid's yogurt, like those old trix yogurts. They taste metallic now? Like just plain sweet with a metallic edge to it. I think it's something they do with the strawberry flavoring (which was my favorite as a kid). I get the same sort of taste with the Little Debbie strawberry shortcakes, which was also a childhood favorite.

    Also, kraft mac and cheese. Tastes dry and thin.

    Capri sun. Again with the metallic taste.

    Hawaiian Punch. It's become sickly sweet, and I'm someone that really likes things sweet.
  • bigbandjohn
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    Canned Pasta. Be it Beef and Macaroni, Ravioli, Chilli and Macaroni, etc.... All disgusting, but I loved it as a kid.
  • hesn92
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    I used to love all the little frozen things, like pizza rolls and such. And things like rice-a-roni. I think they're so gross now.
  • FL_Hiker
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    I used to eat tons of candy of all sorts, did that pretty recently for my B day and I passed out in a candy coma 😧. Literally put me to sleep better than taking a sleep aid would lol. Hubby thought it was pretty funny coming home to find me passed out in a pile of Reese’s wrappers though 😂.
    Wonder why it happens now?
  • hesn92
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    kimny72 wrote: »
    As a child, Pop Tarts > Toaster Strudel.
    Now, Toaster Strudel > Pop Tarts.
    Oh my god toaster strudels are THE BEST I love them so much. I forgot all about them. I may have to go buy a box.