Girls in their 20s losing 15-30 lbs



  • emmajoye61691
    emmajoye61691 Posts: 4 Member
    Looking to lose about 40 pounds. Add me so we can motivate each other!
  • Leesa_Michelle
    Leesa_Michelle Posts: 23 Member
    28, 168 lbs. Goal is 133 lbs to start.
  • kyda95
    kyda95 Posts: 18 Member
    I’m 23 and currently weigh 160 lbs. At my heaviest I was 230 lbs and my ultimate goal is to get down to 130! Definitely feeling like I hit a plateau and am struggling with the holidays looming 😬 Any of you ladies are welcome to add me; hopefully we can support each other through this journey!
  • Hey hey hey!!!! I’m 22, 150 looking to get down to 115 whoop whoop add me!
  • katelaurel390
    katelaurel390 Posts: 89 Member
    MattyTee2 wrote: »
    Okay okay, I don't fit the category all the way.. But I am 27! I'm gearing to lose 50 though. I'm a chunky monkey! ;)

    I'm right there with you! I'm 28 and have about 50 pounds to lose. Adding you! :)
  • KellyLouiseGibson
    KellyLouiseGibson Posts: 163 Member
    I'm planning on losing 3 stone which is 42lbs :-)
    Started 4 weeks ago and lost 5lbs up to now.
    I'm running and eating healthy.
    I'm 26 years old from England :-)
    Good Luck x
  • liltortillaboy
    liltortillaboy Posts: 31 Member
    Hey y’all! My name is Alyssa. I’m 22 and 5’2. Currently 130 lbs - trying to get down to 110. Feel free to add me, I log in every day 😊
  • jdemello123
    jdemello123 Posts: 1 Member
    24 here! 134 trying to get to 110. I’m 5 ft tall.
  • niamhdean97
    niamhdean97 Posts: 110 Member
    I'm 21 and trying to lose some weight! Sucker for a late night snack though that I'm trying to change the habit of! Feel free to add me xx
  • Spiegelchan
    Spiegelchan Posts: 77 Member
    I’m not totally sure how much I need to lose 😂 I’ve been overweight my whole life. I’m 23 and currently 178. I think losing 20-30 more pounds of fat will put me in good shape, but I guess I’ll see when I get there! All of you guys can feel free to add me :) my diary’s open (or it will be when the MFP feed is fixed)
  • leighannrenee2014
    leighannrenee2014 Posts: 11 Member
    26, graduate student—trying to lose about 30 pounds! :)
  • UnicornAmandaPanda
    UnicornAmandaPanda Posts: 161 Member
    Hi! Anyone feel free to add me!! Im in my mid 20s... Have a goal set to lose 30 lbs
  • Sambo_fitness
    Sambo_fitness Posts: 137 Member
    Same, girl! 26 here.
  • faeriedanielle
    faeriedanielle Posts: 11 Member
    Hey! 22 here hoping to lose around 20 lbs ish, currently 138 with a goal of 115. Feel free to add me, I try to log as often as I can!

    Happy holidays :*
  • LaurenPell123
    LaurenPell123 Posts: 43 Member
    24 nearly 25

    Heaviest weight ever at 160
    Currently down to 156 it wanting to get to 140

    I’m more bothered about loosing body fat! I was always sporty but you can’t see my muscles anymore :(
  • sarah12361
    sarah12361 Posts: 1 Member
    28 year old here! Heaviest was at 170. Currently at 161. I’ll be comfortable at 130 since I’m usually at 130 (school just really got to my weight this past year) but 115-120 is the ultimate goal!
  • enane1
    enane1 Posts: 7 Member
    27 year old - gained back some of the weight I lost after a bout of depression. Feel free to add. Looking for some motivation. I'm probably 140 ish and would love to hit 125ish again/gain some strength.
  • landryferguson
    landryferguson Posts: 42 Member
    I'm 19, not quite 20 yet lol. I'm trying to lose 20 lbs right now and gain muscle. Feel free to add me, I'm not really sure how to add anyone else.
  • FrankieandSpots
    FrankieandSpots Posts: 446 Member
    I think I fit in here... I'm 25 and 65kg (143lb) at the moment, I want to get down to 58kg (127lb).
    I've had a good running routine for the last 3 months, but I'd like to add in strength training and I'm struggling with that.
    And of course my eating habits are my biggest challenge to losing weight.
    Feel free to add me :smile:
  • lycheelu
    lycheelu Posts: 42 Member
    Hi :) 27 and looking to lose about 30lbs - please add, looking for motivation buddies!