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Do you drink coffee? Why or why not?



  • seltzermint555seltzermint555 Member Posts: 10,344 Member Member Posts: 10,344 Member
    I like drinking something hot in the morning with breakfast, and sometimes I swear it helps get things moving. Some say that is a myth and maybe warm water would do the same, who knows. I limit myself to 2 cups though because I'd be a squirrel running up the walls if I drank coffee all morning/all day.
  • TankiscoolTankiscool Member Posts: 11,122 Member Member Posts: 11,122 Member
    Like you, I love the taste and smell and everything about it. Its also the one thing that I have that no matter how great or *kitten* my day is going, at least I got my cup of coffee. So I guess it has some comfort level to it.
  • counting_kilojoulescounting_kilojoules Member Posts: 170 Member Member Posts: 170 Member
    Nope. For me it tastes bad and smells worse so I drink other things.
  • jennifer_417jennifer_417 Member Posts: 12,369 Member Member Posts: 12,369 Member
    Yes. Because I like it.
  • laurenq1991laurenq1991 Member Posts: 355 Member Member Posts: 355 Member
    I have coffee a few times a year if I get a craving for it, only decaf because I do not respond well to caffeine, although even decaf can have residual caffeine sometimes. I also recently bought chicory tea which tastes similar to coffee (less bitter and more earthy) but has no caffeine. I actually think it tastes better than coffee and it doesn't leave an aftertaste (part of why I don't have coffee that much) so I may stop drinking coffee altogether and just have that. I'm way more of a tea person and drink tea pretty much every day, although I'm trying to switch to all caffeine-free teas.
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  • shaumomshaumom Member Posts: 937 Member Member Posts: 937 Member
    Do not drink it because I am allergic to coffee.

    Started really reacting as an adult, but likely always had it a little as I found the smell of coffee nauseating since I was small. But now...woo, sucks as an allergy because everyone, everywhere, drinks the stuff, and trying to avoid it is just a righteous pain in the butt.
  • saintor1saintor1 Member Posts: 304 Member Member Posts: 304 Member
    Although most studies have noted that filtered coffee has a neutral effect on lipid levels, unfiltered coffee appears to increase LDL, total cholesterol, and triglycerides in some studies. Two diterpenes found in high amounts in unfiltered coffee, cafestol, and kahweol, have been found to actually raise cholesterol levels. These studies examined different types of unfiltered coffee, as well as coffee oil. Most studies have indicated that individuals consuming roughly 60 milligrams of cafestol (equivalent to ten cups of unfiltered, French press coffee or two grams of coffee oil) may raise total cholesterol levels by an average of about 20%.

    Of the word 'may'. But many studies support this. Using paper filter avoid this. I drink my coffees with paper filters. 'a lot of them. :smile:
  • neugebauer52neugebauer52 Member Posts: 1,115 Member Member Posts: 1,115 Member
    I like one good, strong mug of coffee a day - don't mind if there is a second one going though.
  • BuiltLikeAPeepBuiltLikeAPeep Member Posts: 122 Member Member Posts: 122 Member
    I make my own at home almost every day. In the past I noticed drinking more coffee causes me to eat less. I dont know if its and appetite suppressant for me, or if I just allowed more calories to go to coffee.
  • Chef_BarbellChef_Barbell Member Posts: 5,744 Member Member Posts: 5,744 Member
    Yes because I like it and it suppresses my appetite.
  • gallicinvasiongallicinvasion Member, Premium Posts: 817 Member Member, Premium Posts: 817 Member
    I drink two or three cups a day(only one caffeinated) because it tastes amazing, makes me feel warm and cozy, pairs great with my breakfast almonds, gives me a break from work, and has zero calories!
  • gradchica27gradchica27 Member Posts: 640 Member Member Posts: 640 Member
    A big cup in the morning with soy creamer tastes good and is a soothing part of my morning reading/prayer time. Plus it helps keep hunger at bay—I’d rather eat breakfast at 8 and not 6 so I’m not ready for lunch at 10.
  • dauchsmomdauchsmom Member Posts: 75 Member Member Posts: 75 Member
    I don't do coffee or anything with caffeine. I'm an afib patient and while some say its ok, I would rather not chance it. Instead I do a grain alternative (Postum but there's other brands as well).
  • zeejane03zeejane03 Member Posts: 993 Member Member Posts: 993 Member
    Yes, a cup in the morning and then a second one at around 7pm. I like the taste of flavored bean options and then the higher caffeine content (I've been able to reduce diet coke from 6 cans a day, down to 2 cans since I started drinking coffee).
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  • lalalacroixlalalacroix Member Posts: 870 Member Member Posts: 870 Member
    I adore coffee. I used to be the person who drank a pot before bed.

    Unfortunately my acid reflux cannot tolerate it anymore. 😓
  • GottaBurnEmAllGottaBurnEmAll Member Posts: 7,722 Member Member Posts: 7,722 Member
    I go through phases of either loving coffee or despising it. It's rather odd. These phases can last years.

    Right now, I'm in a neutral phase that's likely a transition between despising it to loving it again.
  • mph323mph323 Member Posts: 3,481 Member Member Posts: 3,481 Member
    I used to drink tea exclusively (gallons of it), but a few years ago I started taking some meds that made it hard to wake up in the morning. Since the first thing I did was drive for an hour and a half (the first part on a winding mountain road) I switched to coffee for the bigger caffeine boost. I drank tea because I don't really like coffee, can't even tell the good stuff from the bad, so what I'm actually drinking is coffee-flavored cream and sweetener (which I do like).

    I got to the point where between coffee and diet coke I was caffeinated all day and was having trouble sleeping, so now I drink one cup of caffeinated, a second cup decaf, and then tea until mid-afternoon, or decaf diet coke.
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