Incline power walk vs jogging - On a running machine

Hello all.

I’m back st the gym tomorrow. I have a question about the running machine. Which is best, to walk up a steep incline at a slower pace for longer. Or to jog/ run on a flat machine for less time.

My stamina is low but on an incline I can burn around 700-800 calories an hour but running it’s much less.

I know it’s not 100% calorie only but wanted your advise



  • lorrpb
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    Personally I think longer is almost always better.
  • jillybeansalad
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    I use both! I also like to use the incline training ones where you have to go up and down the hills. It can help with boredom as well as challenging your body a little different here and there.

    I enjoy the walking because it doesn't add to the stress on my joints. I still run to keep my aerobic endurance up, though. Hills can hit different muscles as well.

    There's no better really, just different... unless you have a specific goal that you're aiming for?
  • whatalazyidiot
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    I always burn more when I walk faster at a higher incline than jogging at a 0 or 1 incline. But it really depends on what you prefer.
  • GottaBurnEmAll
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    Do whichever work out you actually like and will stick to.
  • huntersvonnegut
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    To make a short story long, I typically walk outdoors at about 14:30-15 min miles for 5-7 miles. Last week though, I did something to one of my arches. The pain was pretty bad that I went to a podiatrist a few days later who didn't find anything serious. Probably just strained a ligament or tendon and prescribed calf stretches, ice and made a removable/reusable tape that I can slide on my foot for support. So, eager to literally get back on my feet, I switched to riding the bike at the gym for a couple of days. My has foot has improved greatly in that time and I'm eager to get back to my routine so yesterday and today I got on the treadmill (which I find so boring). 60 min is the max I can set the time so I decided to try and compensate by setting the incline at 12% at about 3.5MPH. Despite going about 30 min less at a slower pace, the incline was a challenge. Today I dropped the dropped to 3 MPH and raised the incline to 15%. Just as challenging if not more.
  • RunnerGirl238
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    Do both! You'll work different muscles and burn calories more effectively. Dont look at a calorie burn in one workout. Look at it over a week. Also, running short bursts, say 15 seconds, will help stamina.
  • Azdak
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    Running is higher impact requires a minimum fitness level, even at slower speeds. You can certainly do either, or a combination of both. If intensity is the same, there is no difference in calorie burn. In my experience, beginners can tolerate incline walking better than running and can ramp up duration (and thus burn more calories) than running. But there is nothing inherently “better” about either one.
  • MelanieCN77
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    Better how? For calories it's going to be mostly about the distance regardless of how quickly you get there. The incline is good for developing the muscles for speed and strength. Do a bit of both, make sure your knees feel ok, and only go steep enough that you don't find yourself hanging on to the machine!
  • 3088shane
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    Thank you everybody, today is the first day back at the gym for some time. I’ll update with progress
  • Jthanmyfitnesspal
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    I'd be interested in your opinion. I've been jogging lately, but my running book recommends incline walking as a useful cross training workout. Basically, it's all good! You can use a target heartrate to make your choice, perhaps.