Gained back 10 pounds over the holiday. Did you gain anything?

From September 2017 until August 2018 I manage to lose 30 pounds. Now I gained back 10 pounds since Dec 1st.
I'm so annoyed with myself and I tried to find reasons other than the real reason for my "failure". Bad scale, water weight etc. But I know the reason is that I haven't been logging accurately and I have been doing a lot of guessing.
Anyways, Now im back on track again...I hope. I want to lose that 10 pounds again by August this year. Wish me luck!


  • RunStart34
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    You can do it.!!! I am in the same boat. So i am starting to log everything thing now.
  • alicebhsia1
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    Good luck! I lost five pounds right before Thanksgiving and gained it all back since. What a bummer! I know my weight gain is from not tracking and basically eating whatever I want, so now I am tracking again. I got sick with a bad cold for a couple weeks and that reduced my exercising too so that probably contributed, not to mention slacking on workouts around the holidays. So back on the fitness train!
  • fitoverfortymom
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    Yep. So after the holidays I'm back in a deficit. Just tracking and logging and meal planning as usual.
  • ExistingFish
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    I started maintaining in September and haven't had any gains until January, saw a couple of pounds creep back with the holidays, DH started a new job, my cycles returned (haven't been having any since my last baby was born!). I'm honestly not sure if it's weight gain or muscle gain, I doubt I've gained 1-2 pounds of muscle, but my clothes aren't fitting any different except for some pre-cycle bloat. I may have put on a little muscle in the past few months though, I've been lifting a lot heavier and with more regularity.

    Long story short, I'm back to logging again. I haven't been logging in maintenance. I'll see if logging knocks those pounds back off. Not going for a deficit again just yet, I'm waiting until I get to a less intense stage of my lifting plan. Also closer to the summer and swimsuit season, no coincidence there.
  • Kst76
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    I was running a lot before November last year. Im talking 5-7 miles 3 days a week. But then I pulled 2 teeth ( prepare for implants ) and was told not to do any hard exercise for the next couple of weeks. Well...those w weeks became permanent.
  • Kst76
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    So after 3 days of accurate logging and with a decent deficit, I weighed myself and I was 1 pound heavier than 3 days ago. That is what's so annoying.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    not an ounce. i eat exactly what i want on thanksgiving, xmas eve, xmas day and my birthday (a few days ago). scale might flip up for a day or so but never enough to notice and its gone just as quickly as it appeared (mostly water retention).

    its when people turn a couple of days into extended periods of time that the scale goes up for longer.
    Kst76 wrote: »
    So after 3 days of accurate logging and with a decent deficit, I weighed myself and I was 1 pound heavier than 3 days ago. That is what's so annoying.

    one pound is well within the normal fluctuation range. its not a concern. weigh less often and youll be less likely to be frustrated by normal fluctuations (especially if you are a woman with hormones and menstrual cycles)

    be consistent and youll see a downward trend, which is whats important.
  • indigowildorchid
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    I gained about 5 lbs! I'm working to lose again. I've found that consistency really is the most important thing - sticking to your plan everyday.
  • vanityy99
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    Good luck.

    I thought I gained weight but it was water weight. I was mostly upset when it got hard to get back on track with my original diet. But I’m back on track now.
  • Danp
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    Yep, had an awesome holiday and stacked on a bout 3 delicious, fun filled, guilt free kgs! So good!

    I'm about 0.5kg off being back to where I was. Totally worth it.
  • Cahgetsfit
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    yep always do. Because i'm one of those people who don't have self control on holidays and eat like a total kittenhead.

    Usually I gain about 2-3 kilos. Then I lose it again when I get back into a routine and proper meal prepping and counting calories.

    I still eat well when on holidays, just vast quantities of good food is all! Especially when I go to my parent's place because I end up being the cook there so I go all out and make stuff I don't normally make at home. And proceed to eat it all.
  • I gained about 6-7 lbs over the holidays. I was definitely guilty of letting a few crazy days stretch into a fortnight, so it’s completely unnecessary and my own fault. I’ve been religiously logging my calories for 10 days now. Aside from a few treats at the weekend (which I always have allowed myself) I’ve actually gained a pound since my last weigh in! What has gone wrong? I stayed within my calorie allowance. Too many carbs maybe? Definitely haven’t done enough exercise either. So frustrated!
  • DrusiliaDD
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    I gained around 2.5lbs but I've lost it again now.
  • patrickaa5
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    The 8 days from Christmas Eve until New Years day I gained 7 lbs. I'm not exactly sure how that happened other than I ate everything in sight. I did keep track of the calories during that period and it wasn't pretty (over 3,000 per day). But, I'm glad to report that I lost those 7 pounds and a few more since then. Back on track.
  • Tubbytucka
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    Yeah, I spent 4 weeks back home in NZ and put on 4kg. I was expecting that though (was planning on 5kg) but I am back on the wagon now.
  • Running_and_Coffee
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    Just a few, but as of yesterday they were gone. You just have to keep on doing what you know works, and it will come off!
  • hawkmancody
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    I gained 20 lbs in two weeks in Hawaii. I wnt from one meal a day slowly loosing to 244 its been about 2 months and im down to about 230it was disappointing that i gained so much weight but i do not regret it. I just have to work a little harder(had thanksgiving in the middle of the trip ).
  • kelly_stevens81
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    I gained 30 since my low point about a year ago. Just getting everything back on track now.
  • Kupla71
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    I gained about 3 pounds over the holidays and have lost most of it now. What’s more is I got a food scale for Christmas and I’ve started using it to weigh everything instead of measuring or eyeballing. My weight over the past few months hasn’t changed much and I’m hoping more accurate logging with the food scale will bump start my weight loss again. It’s just the thing I need to get me back on track. Hope I start seeing results. Good luck to everyone!