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Starting a cut after a 2 month diet break

rymincksrymincks Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
I started my 2019 cut on January 4th this year. Prior to starting my cut, I took a 2 month break from gym/tracking my macros. Since I started my cut, week by week, I seem to be getting my strength back up to where it was. However, my scale weight really has not dropped. Should it take this long before the scale starts to drop? These current macros took me from 190-178 last year before I had to drop them any further which is why I'm slightly concerned now.

Current stats: 5'10" 192.6 lbs 15.6% BF.
Current macros: 180p, 240c, 50f.
Current cardio: 2,000 calories/week.
Daily avg: 1,844 cals/day.


  • steveko89steveko89 Posts: 1,366Member Member Posts: 1,366Member Member
    First off, using the 4/4/9 calories/g split for p/c/f those macro targets should give you a calorie target of 2130, which would estimate to be anywhere between a 300-600 calorie deficit depending on your activity level.

    - Is your logging 100% locked down? Using a food scale, logging exhaustively, etc.?
    - Are you eating back all or some portion of your exercise calories?

  • rymincksrymincks Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    I’ve been tracking everything that I consume. With my weekly cardio thrown in, my daily calorie intake is slightly under 1900 cals. Like I said, I’ve always cut on these macros but this year I must be going through a recomp because of my break. I wonder if it would be better to eat at maintenance until my strength flattens back out before starting back into a deficit?
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