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Sleep in clothes or naked

lizzybear1607lizzybear1607 Posts: 21Member Member Posts: 21Member Member
Lol close sometimes


  • ythannahythannah Posts: 3,031Member Member Posts: 3,031Member Member
    Clothes. PJ pants and a T in winter, shorts and a tank in summer.

    My bathroom is at the opposite end of the house from the bedroom (note: next house, get an ensuite) and I'm not doing that trek nekkid in the middle of the night.
  • whatalazyidiotwhatalazyidiot Posts: 343Member Member Posts: 343Member Member
    I sleep with 2 cuddly dogs, so definitely clothes.
  • TankiscoolTankiscool Posts: 11,209Member Member Posts: 11,209Member Member
    Vikka_V wrote: »
    Naked...sometimes a tee if I'm cold to keep the shoulders covered, but usually naked

    best feel is naked in good sheets...white sheets (Im picky like that!)
    Recently bought some supima cotton sheets, omfg...amazing, wrinkle like heck, but who cares they are so soft

    Always white sheets?
  • dbanks80dbanks80 Posts: 3,533Member Member Posts: 3,533Member Member
    Always shorts and a tank or T. Even in the dead of winter -20 degrees. I feel too vulnerable sleeping naked. I tried.
  • AllgaunAllgaun Posts: 193Member Member Posts: 193Member Member
    Huge T shirt, men's xxl, and pajama pants. No underwear. Not running out naked if there's a fire
  • TankiscoolTankiscool Posts: 11,209Member Member Posts: 11,209Member Member
    iMago wrote: »
    this is mfp. everyone sleeps naked here.
    didn't know that? don't worry they'll tell you.

    I'm case you were wondering. I sleep naked
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