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160 pounds off... Maintained for almost 2 years

reboot1818reboot1818 Posts: 13Member Member Posts: 13Member Member
I waited a long time to post a success story. I think there are lots of successes in life, but also lots of challenges. I wanted maintenance to be part of the success! Now I've kept the first 50 pounds off for more than five years, and I've maintained within ten pounds of my lowest weight for about 2 years now. It was both easy and hard. Easy because it was just calories in versus calories out, and hard because it takes a lot of consistency and practice. Weight loss isn't the only or most important success, but it does feel good. At my heaviest, I was over 300. I lost the first 80 pounds before MFP, and about 80 since joining. Thanks to everyone for the support, inspiration, and fun.


  • FflpnariFflpnari Posts: 754Member Member Posts: 754Member Member
  • mariag5846mariag5846 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Congratulations a real inspiration thank you for sharing.
  • Sew3rinSew3rin Posts: 115Member, Premium Member Posts: 115Member, Premium Member
    Way to go!!!
  • dhiammarathdhiammarath Posts: 771Member, Premium Member Posts: 771Member, Premium Member
    Wow! Amazing! Congratulations on not only weight loss but maintenance!
  • imxnianneimxnianne Posts: 182Member Member Posts: 182Member Member
    So did skin tighten up with 2 years mt?
  • chasitystiff160chasitystiff160 Posts: 31Member Member Posts: 31Member Member
    You look great when your maintaining do you still have to count your calories
  • beatthereaper2016beatthereaper2016 Posts: 55Member, Premium Member Posts: 55Member, Premium Member
    Simply amazing! I really appreciate that you wanted the lasting result. What a fantastic outcome for a beautiful soul. I love that you are smiling all the way through.
  • sexysizemesexysizeme Posts: 218Member Member Posts: 218Member Member
    Amazing, thanks for sharing. You inspire :):)
  • reboot1818reboot1818 Posts: 13Member Member Posts: 13Member Member
    I still count calories because it helps me maintain. I'm sure some people don't need to but I still find it worthwhile and a good way to keep thinking about what I eat.
  • jasonpoihegatamajasonpoihegatama Posts: 499Member Member Posts: 499Member Member
    wow good one!!!
  • Dame_sans_merciDame_sans_merci Posts: 77Member Member Posts: 77Member Member
    You look fabulous.
  • linda2017thlinda2017th Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    Congrats! And thank you for sharing. Needed to see a lost like this right now. I agree that the weight loss (for me 70lbs) was both easy and difficult for the reasons you note. For the past six months, I've been in maintenance and it feels like as much of a success for me, too.
  • Soul_GazerSoul_Gazer Posts: 3Member, Premium Member Posts: 3Member, Premium Member
    Thank~you for sharing... your before/afters made my day!! :) Congratulations!!!!
  • TayaCurraghTayaCurragh Posts: 232Member Member Posts: 232Member Member
    Well done! You look so much younger and happier in the after photos.
  • AmyC2288AmyC2288 Posts: 386Member Member Posts: 386Member Member
    Absolutely amazing. What amazing inspiration!
  • urloved33urloved33 Posts: 3,361Member Member Posts: 3,361Member Member
  • reboot1818reboot1818 Posts: 13Member Member Posts: 13Member Member
    Thanks to everyone who took the time to read and/or to comment. It is another incentive to keep going on the same path.
  • frida001frida001 Posts: 338Member Member Posts: 338Member Member
    You look amazing - and so much younger! Thank you for sharing your story.
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