From size 24 to size 10.

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I started my fitness journey coming to the end of 2014, when I got sick of being so big and not being able to do the stuff I wanted to do.

I used to know about my fitnesspal from before but never stuck to it. I started personal training and my PT at that time told me to track everything. And I had maybe 200+ day strike!

In the middle I got side tracked and put on a lot of weight... Now I'm back to tracking and finally a size 10. Just 1-1.5 stones to go to hit my target.

I've recently started a Instagram to motivate and track my progress. So would love anyone whos interested to give me some support. @bahar_nessa

And if you need any help. Let me know :smile:


  • wendhall
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    Great job! Such a beautiful dress! How did you keep your motivation up? I do well for a time but get stressed out and quit.
  • debtay123
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    You are awesome- great job! congrats!!!!!
  • logiatype
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    Great job. Hopefully you get to your goal soon!
  • Foodforthought125
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    You look fabulous!! And I bet you're feeling so much better!! Keep it up, you inspire me!
  • FarmerCarla
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    You've transformed from a pudgy girl to a beautiful woman! Enjoy your success.
  • 2lud5b2cd5kl.gif<3
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    Amazing job!
  • Penthesilea514
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    That is amazing work- the dress on the top right looks stunning on you. Congratulations!
  • Bahar740
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    wendhall wrote: »
    Great job! Such a beautiful dress! How did you keep your motivation up? I do well for a time but get stressed out and quit.
    Thank you 👍🏽 it's the first time I was feeling great in a tradional dress.
    I had a period in the weight loss when I put some weight back on! But then I snapped out of it. The aim is to not let it stress you out but enjoy the change! And think of it as a life style change then a restriction. And I turned into a fitness freak. Did take me a while though. Good luck. If you need any advice let me know 👍🏽
  • Bahar740
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    Thank you all. For your kind words :) its good to be here.
  • GemimaFitzTed
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    Excellent work! What an achievement and inspiration 👊

    That dress on the top right is beautiful!
  • tashanic2
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    You are beautiful! It's always amazing to see how much more genuine a person's smile is when you can tell they are happier with themselves. ♥
  • LittleLightShine
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    You look so happy and beautiful. Congratulations on all of your hard work and thank you for being an inspiration!
  • Bahar740
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    Thank you ☺️☺️☺️. Actually being called beautiful and feeling beautiful is something I've struggled with all my life. I think I can finally start feeling it.
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    You look amazing!! So so beautiful. Congratulations on a job well done!!
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    Fantastic work! You look amazing!
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    What an inspiring transformation. You look amazing.
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    Amazing weight loss journey. Congratulations!!!
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    Awesome and amazing! Thank you for sharing your progress, and inspiring others with your results! Congratulations on your accomplishment!!