What is your "Petty" Reason to Lose Weight?



  • saynventeen
    saynventeen Posts: 17 Member
    I want to loose weight because I just dont feel good about myself. Especially since im Instagram Obesses and I see all this Bloggers/celebrities thats almost a size zero and yeah i kinda get envious.
  • mummy_h
    mummy_h Posts: 99 Member
    I want to look fab
  • love_minnie
    love_minnie Posts: 22 Member
    swhiteism wrote: »
    Literally my main motivation is cute clothes. I want to wear high waisted jeans without feeling like I have a FUPA.

  • bobthecoolsmileyface
    bobthecoolsmileyface Posts: 12 Member
    I want to be thinner than my sister and other girls I know so I can tease them of being fatter than me like they did to me \(•~•)/