I backed out of surgery, and have lost nearly 140 lbs. so far!



  • tinaslim
    tinaslim Posts: 48 Member
    WOW...You have to be beyond proud of yourself!!! What an excellent write up. I like how you put it all out there, shared exactly what you did, which is always the first thing people ask! Really great work! Thank you soo much for sharing!! ;)
  • amfmmama
    amfmmama Posts: 1,420 Member
    How awesome is this! So inspiring!
  • Fazola
    Fazola Posts: 26 Member
    A fantastic story, you are such an inspiration. Thanks for the post.
  • Womona
    Womona Posts: 1,626 Member
    That is absolutely amazing and fantastic. Congratulations!
  • queenoscots
    queenoscots Posts: 44 Member
    wendhall wrote: »
    Wow! You look great!, very inspiring! I am now 50 with a good amount of pain and arthritis as well. I like too that you have not cut out any food group, I also do not want to cut food groups and find your post very motivating!

    Although I haven't cut out any food groups, I eat sparingly foods that don't make them "worth the calories," and save my splurges for special occasions. That means sugar, added fats, and carbs are kept at a minimum most days, except for my evening snack, which might be a few pretzels or a cup of low calorie popcorn, plus a small serving of dark chocolate.

    On the other hand, I went on a European cruise in August and ate freely for two weeks. Cruise food is wonderful, but usually not lowcal! I'd already lost about 90 lbs by then, and my knees didn't bother me nearly as much, so I walked miles each day with the sightseeing, and that helped the minimize the regain. I came home seven pounds heavier, but much of it was water weight from eating foods higher in salt than usual, and it was all gone a week later. Then it was back to the old grind, lol.
  • fordster99
    fordster99 Posts: 181 Member
    That is fantastic. I watch my 600 lb life and one thing I notice is that most of these individuals aren't prepared for the mental part that comes with cutting back on food. I think taking it slow and trying is the best thing you can do. Its amazing what you have accomplished and you are an inspiration to all of us. Keep up the good work
  • keodell1966
    keodell1966 Posts: 141 Member
    Great job! You’ve done wonderful.
  • Jimb376mfp
    Jimb376mfp Posts: 6,232 Member
    Congratulations 🎉
  • lousoulbody
    lousoulbody Posts: 663 Member
    What an accomplishment! You are awe inspiring indeed! Congratulations on your hard earned work, we all know its not easy! Cheers to you Queen of Scots....you rule in my book!
  • Daisy_Girl2019
    Daisy_Girl2019 Posts: 209 Member
    Thank you for sharing! You are very inspiring.
    I knew several people who went through that kind of sugery. Some went sucessful and some did not and eventually gained the weight back they lost.
  • sflohr
    sflohr Posts: 20 Member
    I loved reading your story. You inspire me.
  • lleeann2001
    lleeann2001 Posts: 410 Member
    coming from someone who has had weight loss surgery, I am quite impressed. I am so glad that you were able to lose weight without getting cut on.
  • pam46815
    pam46815 Posts: 20 Member
    That's awesome! Congratulations on your hard work and dedication! So inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Ideally, I need to lose about 100 pounds myself and I'm 5'3". I'm not great at being consistent. Can you give me any advice on staying on track and keeping a long-term goal in mind?
  • jonesite
    jonesite Posts: 40 Member
    Congratulations on your weight loss and your choice to not have surgery. I too have often thought of having the surgery but have decided not to. Thanks for the optimistic outcome of just doing it yourself, you have inspired many people!
  • fabulousmomofone
    fabulousmomofone Posts: 51 Member
    Great job
  • gwenmackinnon
    gwenmackinnon Posts: 2 Member
    Wow- you are one fantastic woman. congratulations you look great. Good story.
  • AlissaAMTaylor
    AlissaAMTaylor Posts: 17 Member
  • sdisney1761
    sdisney1761 Posts: 3 Member
    Congratulations you look amazing. Can you share some of the weight loss groups you belong too
  • michael1976_ca
    michael1976_ca Posts: 3,488 Member
    Thanks for sharing. That is amazing that you did it yourself. Wtg keep at it there no stopping you
  • andoutoume8991
    andoutoume8991 Posts: 2 Member
    Congrats! that is so awesome! :)
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