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25lbs down with CICO

GlampinupdollGlampinupdoll Posts: 246Member Member Posts: 246Member Member
SW: 180
CW: 155
GW: 140 or my size 6 jeans
Height: 5’6

Used mostly the CICO lifestyle. I ate a Keto-ish diet (avoiding breads and pastas and processed sugar) but I had pizza and dessert if I felt like it! Dabbling with IF now for convenience and boredom!

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  • pierinifitnesspierinifitness Posts: 2,292Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,292Member, Premium Member
    Congratulations @Glampinupdoll. I noticed you're dabbling with IF. We have a small and growing Intermittent Fasting group here at MFP of enthused IF practitioners. I understand what you mean when you mention the convenience of IF because that's one of the benefits for me.

    Stop by for a visit if you have any questions about what seasoned IF practitioners are doing. Wishing you the best in your fitness, health and wellness journey; keep marching forward.
  • Berniebutt773Berniebutt773 Posts: 12Member, Premium Member Posts: 12Member, Premium Member
    @Glampinupdoll super inspiring results. Well done. What does CICO stand for? I’m looking to connect with folks on mfp. Please add me if you are open to that.
  • lx1xlx1x Posts: 11,266Member Member Posts: 11,266Member Member
    Congrats.. great job
  • kayfaeikayfaei Posts: 240Member Member Posts: 240Member Member
    Amazing! And i love the tattoos
  • GlampinupdollGlampinupdoll Posts: 246Member Member Posts: 246Member Member
    @Berniebutt773 calories in calories out. Just making sure you are in a calorie deficit. This has definitely been the slowest form of weight loss for me, but when I decide to eat something not so “healthy” I don’t gain back 5lbs!
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