calories burnt in ice skating

Every sunday I'll do a 1 1/2 hour skate and then a half hour lesson. According to MFP my 1 1/2 hour skates should burn 476 calories but i don't feel as worn out if at all, as you would be after burn nearly 500 kcal. I normally just say I've done 50 mins (264kcal) to be on the safe side. I'm just very confused :S


  • katcottrill
    I thought the exact same thing! Everytime I skate I just say that I'll burn less (around the same amount you put) because it just sounds so high! Sorry I couldn't be more help
  • Mamoonie
    Mamoonie Posts: 328
    I don't know if it's the same, or if you can compare it at all...
    I do rollerblading and use my HRM. On a good day I burn up to 450 cals in one hour, rolling at a speed of approx. 10km/h (6.5mph). I don't sweat as much as if I did elliptical, my heart rate doesn't go up that high, but it still says I burn that much.

    So, yes, it could be right :-)
  • skynut
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    Thank you :D a HRM is a good idea, i may have to look into getting one so i can actually find out
  • KareninCanada
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    I had the same question... I don't have a HRM and can't afford to get one right now, so I am relying a bit on the online calculators. But across the board they put ice skating around 500 cal/hour. It seems like a crazy amount based on how tired I am after compared to other exercise, but it motivated me to make plans to get to the rink 3X/week, just in case! LOL