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  • maverick4x4maverick4x4 Member, Premium Posts: 54 Member Member, Premium Posts: 54 Member
    billkansas wrote: »
    Hi Maverick,

    I have no useful advice but just wanted to say I'm with you. I'm 50, currently weigh 203 lbs, 6'-2", and cutting on about 2000 cal/day (after reading your post think I need to cut my calories further). Struggling to maintain strength while losing weight. I've found to be very difficult but I've been nicely corrected by several persons here that it's probably my fault for my crappy 2 day per week workout plan, poor diet, and poor sleep habits. I agree and am trying to do better but it's hard especially with small kids at home and too busy at work. Hopeful to get a garage gym established so I can deadlift, squat and bench at home a bit while kids play outside. My goal is to join the 1000 lb club and who knows... maybe 2019 is the year.?.? Best wishes.

    Hi fellow 50ish guy! What are your current totals? What is your workout plan?
  • billkansasbillkansas Member Posts: 250 Member Member Posts: 250 Member
    My recent totals for squat, deadlift, and bench are 315, 360, 230 lbs for a total of 905 lbs. I've been better at the squat in particular as 320 lbs previously was my best as a 3 sets of five. The past few weeks I've tried to keep my calories to 1700 per day and am now down to 200 lbs. My two workouts per week consist of workout 1: squat, bench, deadlift assistance ad workout 2: deadlift, press, squat assistance, close grip bench. I try to fit in some chinups, rows, arms, calves and stuff like that whenever I can (which has been almost zero lately).
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  • maverick4x4maverick4x4 Member, Premium Posts: 54 Member Member, Premium Posts: 54 Member
    Those are decent numbers, in fact, while not my current maxes, I rarely go higher than the amounts you listed. Heaviest I've handled recently was 275 bench, 405 squat, 385 deads. While not 1RM, I haven't been heavier for a very long time. I did a walk out with 455 the other day when I thought I was feeling strong and it wanted to crush me.

    What do you do on the other days? Each of those workouts would be a long workout for me (too long). Both bench and squat take 3-5 sets before I'm fully warmed up and into working weight, then the work sets. But if that's what fits your schedule, you're getting the important stuff in.

    My general approach is 4-5 days. 1) chest/back (each set supersetted), 2) legs (squat), 3) shoulders/back (supersetted), 4) arms, 5) "goofy legs" (not sure why I gave it that name) which is sprints, heavy sled, maybe deads if I haven't done them yet, and any other leg work needed. Sometimes I add a 6th day, usually not, that's Saturday and outdoor stuff (skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, jeeping, etc) I do 10min warm up each day, and try to get at least one 30minute cardio each week. I'm also going to add running a mile at least once a week. I hate running.
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  • pierinifitnesspierinifitness Member, Premium Posts: 2,334 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,334 Member
    @maverick4x4, I remember my yesteryear travels to Europe with my wife. We were the vagabond type of travelers and walked alot. Always came back with a weight loss despite eating big. Something to be said, maybe vagabond vacations need to be in the weight loss tool box for those still trying to drop the lard.

    I've got you by a baker's dozen years and was where you are at a couple months ago. Hang in there because you will arrive as I have and it's a wonderful place to be. Keep marching forward.
  • maverick4x4maverick4x4 Member, Premium Posts: 54 Member Member, Premium Posts: 54 Member
    Yeah, it seemed to do me well. I'm excited for the next push, though I'm vacationing in Moab, UT for the next 9 days. Not nearly as much walking...well, actually, that can change out on the trail. There is a gym close to the house that I go to. Other than a couple of the dinners, I'll have a pretty clean diet all week.

    This morning was 201.6. Current target is 195, but I think I'm getting close to my actual goals of losing the moobs. The handles are shrinking, obliques are coming out and just a hint of abs. 195 might be enough? We'll see. It's gonna get pretty subjective from here on out.
  • billkansasbillkansas Member Posts: 250 Member Member Posts: 250 Member
    You're not only stronger... you have a better job- vacationing right after vacationing?

    I go fast in my two days per week in the gym and range from 1.25 to 1.5 hours (no shower). I achieve that by warming up my next exercise while completing work sets. So while hitting my last few squat sets I'm underway in warming up my bench. It works well since I hit my gym when empty and I don't have to get in line for the rack or bench.

    I pulled 360 yesterday with double overhand grip (no straps)... so you only got me by 95 lbs..... I think I might hate you (lol).
  • Fit_Chef_NEFit_Chef_NE Member Posts: 108 Member Member Posts: 108 Member
    I maintain my muscle mass during a cut by lifting as heavy as I can in that period. I still lose some muscle, since that is how it works when you are dropping weight, but I usually don't see much loss of strength, if any. I also alter my macros to be at least 30% protein (35% is better) and I eat at least 40g of that protein directly after I lift so my muscles are immediately getting the nutrition they need to begin to repair themselves. Source: personal trainer and amateur lifter.
  • _Figgzie__Figgzie_ Member Posts: 3,491 Member Member Posts: 3,491 Member
    Do some sort of resistance training 3-4 times a week. Whether the caloric deficit is big or small, using muscles is the only way to keep them. I do push ups one day, pulls ups another day and my own leg workout the third day. I have lost 100 pounds and according to the calculations, I went from almost 315 pounds to 210ish and I only lost about 22 pounds of muscle which considering is pretty good (187 pounds LBM to start)
  • DevilsFan1DevilsFan1 Member, Premium Posts: 340 Member Member, Premium Posts: 340 Member
    Another 50 YO checking in. Unlike you, I started strength training when I was 47. I was weak, fat, and on the road to a painful life. Powerlifting changed my life for the better. I'm around 18% BF right now and weigh 178. Twenty months ago I entered my first PL competition at a fat, but strong, 203. Most I've ever weighed in my life. My goal is to compete in the 75kg class next year which means I need to be under 165.

    Right now, I'm on a 1750 calories a day diet and target macros are 40/30/30. Still making progress on my lifts so I'm pretty happy about that. Seems like your progress is excellent and I wouldn't change what's working for you if you feel good and are on track to meet your goals. There are many ways to get from A to B. Good luck!
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