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  • KD0BIK
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    52, will turn 53 in October. Been using Fitbit/MFP to manage my excess weight for several years. Lost about 50 pounds a few years ago, then got a bit too relaxed and let some of it come back. I'm at it again to get things back down where I want them. It's a bit harder when you are north of 50 versus how I remember things in my 20's, 30's or even 40's. But all 100% doable.
  • kosseychick
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    I'm 49🙂. Feel free to add me
  • 51caTlaDy
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    51 1/2 here.
  • LeeBo_Photo
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    50 1/2 here. 😁
  • bionicshouldemfp
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    Looking to get support and be support for people like me who are 50.
    Have a great day everyone

    Not quite there, but close enough :)

  • laurabredt
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    I’m 53. Been at this for a couple months now. The good news is if I was an Irish peasant during the potato famine, I’d survive. The bad news is I’ve been stalled for over 3 weeks. Tapeworms and liposuction are starting to look really good to me. Logging everything. I’m weighing all my food. Moderately exercising. Apparently my body prefers to resemble petunia piggie. I need friends and a shoulder to cry on. I’m a good listener too. Post post post menopause so it ain’t that, lol.
  • JMT5712
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    Two months in here too. If you are tracking well why not focus on exercise this week? Walk the dog further or go cycling? If it’s gun you will do it!
  • JMT5712
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    52 also!!
  • TimVB180
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    54 here. Successfully lost weight with my fitness pals years ago. It snuck back up and I need to get back to 180. Let's go!
  • Sharon_C
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    Right here - 51
  • azpostal
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    Hi everyone! I have been on MFP for a few years, had great success and lost 45 pounds! The last 6 months or so I have gained back 25...I would feel best if I could drop 15. Please, HELP me!!! I’m 58, a mom, a grandma, a postal worker, and looking at a knee replacement sometime in June. I need to get my eating under control because I won’t be exercising for at least 6 weeks after surgery. Add message friend, and we can motivate each other 😎
  • deb1ray
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    Hi there I turned 55 in March and live in BC Canada. Lost 9.5 pounds on the IDEAL PROTEIN protocol. It’s harder to lose weight as you age, but not impossible 😊
  • janlarose41
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    I'm not quite 50 yet...another year and a couple months...but can I join anyway? I am not new to weightless but I'm looking to make it permanent instead of a yoyo and I need all the support and help I can get.
  • azpostal
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    Good morning everybody! Today’s going to be a great day, I can just feel it! My mini goal for today is to try and stay under 1400 cal, and to hit 15,000 steps. Do any of you have any mini goals for today?
  • TraceyD1966
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    Hi All, I’m 52. Target calorie intake is 1300. Today I did 1352, just over. I blame the chocolate vending machine at work. It made me do it. I was weak😔 Tomorrow is a new day. I can do this 💪🏼 Adding 60 min Cardio. Must drink more water too. Ps. I’m New on here. 😀
  • azpostal
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    Hit my goals today! 🙌🏼
  • lindamtuck2018
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    55 here. Joined in December but was actively binging still so I was gaining weight. I got serious the beginning of February when I learned some new tools that are really helping. I have lost 27.8 pounds since then.

  • caresseg2000
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    Hi there, 53yo going on infinity. Add me. I’m doing the slow but steady route but it’s working.
  • azpostal
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    Meal planning/prepping is done for the day so my calories will be fine… Hoping to get my 15,000 steps in. Going to have to do it early it’s going to be 99° here today! Have a great day everybody😎
  • billie79601
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    Hello I’m 52 and have 60 pounds to lose I started dr Prescribed medicine. Have lost 7 pounds so far in one week. Would be good if it would stay that way