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    Mostly just complacency or giving in to burn out. Priorities not in line with my goals.
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    I think my biggest mistakes have been giving in to temptation. The problem starts with the single piece of chocolate/ biscuit/ cake and ends up being far more than originally planned. Also giving yourself a reward for doing so well is the first step down the slope of shame. :)
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    Over the years I've learned a lot!
    - empty calorie (poor nutrition) or not worth the calorie food like salad dressing, sugary breakfast cereal, jar pasta sauce.
    - thinking weight training burns more calories than it does.
    - over exercising to the point of injury.
    - alcohol makes you eat more & slows down calorie burn & can cause bloat/sluggish body & mind.
    - being too restrictive instead of weighing and measuring food I just denied myself everything. I've lost weight over Christmas by doing this.
    - Weighing food is needed because you can easily over eat if you guesstimate.
    - Loving the body I have while being patient that its a lifestyle I'm changing not just my body.
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    This time: Not lifting weights while losing.

    Past efforts: Mainly the fast weight loss attempts. Fad diets, I've done them all! Not understanding this was a lifelong change. Throwing in the towel every time I made a mistake bingeing like crazy and planning on starting again on "Monday" or whatever day seemed like a good idea.
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    I had huge success with logging food and working out regularly. I eventually got to a point where logging wasn't necessary because I stayed within a 5 pound range with exercise and eating right. Then a few years later, I injured myself and took time off from exercise but continued to eat like an athlete. Eating healthy foods still leads to weight gain when eating more calories than I'm burning. I now have to be diligent about recording calories again and get myself back on track.
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    @Snickervc Good decision. Overrestriction leads to rebound weight gain with friends and diminishing returns. So many overcompensate with a brutally strict eating protocol to make up for years or even decades of poor eating decisions. It's absolutely the polar opposite of what you want to do. All or Nothing Thinking is not the answer for long term weight stability.

    Edge your way down slowly. You'll have a much better chance of actually getting there and staying there.
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    Not understanding calorie deficit until I found mfp.

    Allowing food to comfort me.
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    For me it was not taking proper before pics.

    The photos I use in my before/during/after comparison pics I was already close to 30 pounds and 2 sizes down.

    I don't have any true pics at my heaviest. When I had to take pics I would find ways to hide myself. Stand in the back. Strategically put my bag in my lap. Cover my belly with my arms. etc.

    I wish I had proper before pics to really see how far I have come in my transformation.

    wow, success not enough for you

    You know it's funny but I understand how not taking pictures before losing can be a mistake. Now that I'm in maintenance and have been for a couple years believe it or not I've forgotten exactly how bad it had gotten. Looking back at those pictures now encourages me to stay on track when I might have overeaten. Maybe not everyone is like that but for me it has been helpful.

    Looking back at pictures of myself at my heaviest has been so surprising. I had no idea I was so big back then, it is a night and day difference now! I wish I would have taken better pictures too, but the random photos I do have really help me see and appreciate my accomplishment.

    There's nothing wrong with seeing this as a mistake made, a lot of people feel that way! Doesn't mean we aren't happy with success, of course!?! We just would like others to take pics because they will appreciate it later!