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Share your running peeves

BenKnowsFitnessBenKnowsFitness Posts: 451Member Member Posts: 451Member Member
I have running peeves. Please share yours too. B)

Runners that do an about face when running. Uhh, why not look behind you first. And double peeve if you do this on a circular track, just keep going and you'll get to the same place.

People with mean dogs. Leave KuJoe at home. Last thing I need is a big scare during my 10th mile.

Cars that hug the edge of the road. Really, what if I stumble left? Just move over a few inches please.

Group runners that spread across the entire track such that opposite direction runners are faced with a game of chicken (or high speed red rover)

Whew, I feel much better now. :)


  • arlebanarleban Posts: 369Member Member Posts: 369Member Member
    My running peeve is running itself. Make me run for a sport, I'll do it. Make me run for running's sake? Nah.

    Also, I'm fat. Getting smaller, but physics works in my favor if runners won't let people going the opposite way through. ;)
  • melmelw03melmelw03 Posts: 5,363Member Member Posts: 5,363Member Member
    Even if I make sure and pee right beforehand, having to pee again halfway through the run.
  • MandygringMandygring Posts: 704Member Member Posts: 704Member Member
    Mine too is cars getting too close!
  • Derpy_HoovesDerpy_Hooves Posts: 236Member Member Posts: 236Member Member
    Running pee is my peeve. I can't even do jumping jacks anymore. Doing spinning now instead, much safer.
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  • BigDougie1211BigDougie1211 Posts: 3,480Member Member Posts: 3,480Member Member
    melmelw03 wrote: »
    Even if I make sure and pee right beforehand, having to pee again halfway through the run.

    A thousand times this.
    Also, I'm still a pretty big dude, so sometimes I'm running and I feel like I'm doing really well, then I catch sight of myself in a shop window or something and my belly makes me sad.
  • Bry_Fitness70Bry_Fitness70 Posts: 2,434Member Member Posts: 2,434Member Member
    Elderly drivers - the most dangerous time to be a pedestrian isn't on a Saturday or Sunday morning after the bars close, it is running around lunch time when there are a lot of elderly drivers who can't see clearly or drive well. Yesterday I had to jump into the grass as an elderly lady headed straight for me and was not going to give me clearance - she didn't even look at me as it happened, she just stared straight ahead with both hands clutching the steering wheel (that is why I run against traffic, if she was coming at me from behind I would have likely been struck).

    Last year I was in a triathlon that had to be canceled when an elderly man ran past a crossing guard and killed someone on a bicycle on a closed road course. Yeah, I know it is a difficult situation to lose your freedom and it is also difficult to intervene when you know that a parent or grandparent is driving unsafely, but it is even more difficult to have them hurt or kill someone.
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  • RunHardBeStrongRunHardBeStrong Posts: 33,126Member Member Posts: 33,126Member Member
    When I have to pee half way through and the guy across the trail keeps staring at me as I squat behind a tree.
  • mbaker566mbaker566 Posts: 10,469Member Member Posts: 10,469Member Member
    cyclists who don't announce themselves. and then pass too close.
  • samtarlyonadietsamtarlyonadiet Posts: 944Member Member Posts: 944Member Member
    My bleeding nips
  • JustSomeEmJustSomeEm Posts: 17,282Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium MFP Moderator Posts: 17,282Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium MFP Moderator
    ^You're a distance runner then? Some people use tape or body glide to keep that from happening.

    Right now, my biggest peeve is that I'm not doing it due to bursitis in my foot. :(

    So a peeve is definitely that we're (runners) more prone to over-use injuries.
    *Hate it when vehicles actually swerve toward you (I don't htink most do it on purpose - more their cars heading toward what they're eyes are looking at)
    *Hate it when I'm really into my run and a driver honks to say hi... and I nearly have a heart-attack.
    *Hate it when my kids steal my earbuds and I can't find them when I'm heading out to run.

    LOVE it when I'm out and the run makes me feel energized and like I can fly.
    I miss running. :(
  • askeeneyaskeeney Posts: 448Member Member Posts: 448Member Member
    mbaker566 wrote: »
    cyclists who don't announce themselves. and then pass too close.

    Haha just say cyclists...period
  • Sunshine_And_SandSunshine_And_Sand Posts: 1,314Member Member Posts: 1,314Member Member
    I guess my peeve would be with other people on the trails. It's only happened a few times, but after I ran a while and stop and walk, I've had a few times where other walkers that saw me initially running say something like "are you too tired to run anymore?"
    I suppose they weren't trying to be rude, but why say something like that to anyone?
    On the flip side, after my last ACL surgery, I hit the paved trail a lot to practice the whole walking normally thing again, and was out walking in my ACL brace one day when one of the other walkers passed by me and said I was doing great and getting out and walking was a great thing for me to do. I thought that was sweet of him to be encouraging like that, especially at a time when I was pouting a lot for being sidelined from a lot of the stuff I wanted to be doing.
  • Bry_Fitness70Bry_Fitness70 Posts: 2,434Member Member Posts: 2,434Member Member
    Another is when people are walking in the middle of the trail, see you coming at them on a bike or running, and just sort of slouch and stand there. Do you need to be in the middle, we are in the Western Hemisphere, how about moving to the right and I will move around you the left. Especially when it is a group of people walking shoulder to shoulder who are put-out that they have to share the trail.

    Another time a lady had three little dogs pulling in all directions on leashes blocking the entire path - she saw me coming 50 yards away and just kept walking right along. I came to a complete stop "Excuse me?" - she looked startled, smiled and moved the dogs off to the side. I'm not sure what she thought was going to happen when she saw me coming, maybe she thought I had wings and would ascend above her when I drew near?
  • VersicolourVersicolour Posts: 6,054Member Member Posts: 6,054Member Member
    My pets are my peeve. I tried so hard to train them to run with me on the lead, but they either pull me along at their pace or stop dead to sniff every tree, root and tuft of grass. Pacing does not exist
  • danno912danno912 Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    Trailer hitches!
  • danno912danno912 Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    My bleeding nips

    I started using KT tape for that. I have a hairy chest so band-aids were too painful so I cut small squares of KT tape. Now my pet peeve is when I take my shirt off and walk around wit little red pasties :/
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