I'm back (again) please add me

Hey, this is my 5th time joining this site but I feel like I'm back for good this time. I'm looking for friends to help support and motivate each other. Please add me :)


  • BT8484
    BT8484 Posts: 28 Member
    Add me
  • stephslife88
    stephslife88 Posts: 24 Member
    Im down! I need some motivating too. I start strong and then.... Trying for real this time. Lol if u wanna add me
  • ayameinlove
    ayameinlove Posts: 6 Member
    I feel the same way! But this time around something has kicked in and I've been using this everyday! Add me if you want!
  • WifeofGray
    WifeofGray Posts: 12 Member
    I’m back for like the 5th time too. I’ve always had success with MFP but tend to stop after I reach my goal then gain it back. Hoping to make it a permanent lifestyle. Would love some friends for encouragement, motivation, and accountability.
  • emeraldwoods4214
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    So glad I’m not the only one who goes on and off using this! Please add me! I need some accountability buddies!!
  • Pablomia831
    Pablomia831 Posts: 3 Member
    I just started but i can see why its a bit hard doing each day lol 2100 calories for breakfast starting off strong trying to get big💪
  • SageJJ93
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    I sent you a request! :)
  • anl90
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    Added! :)
  • gg4e82009
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    Well been gone almost a year and a LOT has changed. At almost 71 I have a new love in my life but with that has come a change in my eating habits and not the for better. After losing enough to not qualify for the sleeve I have gained some back. 10 lbs in past 9 months and figured I had better get back here before it is even more out of hand. Add me if you like.