Mentally Exhausted

I think the worst part about trying to lose weight is the constant battle inside your head. I feel like I have a split personality and it scares me. I will literally lay in bed at night and convince myself not to go to the fridge. All day I'm constantly fighting with myself it shouldn't be this exhausting. I want to so bad and I am so good when it comes to setting my mind to it. I can actually do it but in the beginning it is all mine games Within Myself. It is scary and frustrating and I feel so emotionally drained by the end of the day. Does anybody else feel this way? Any advice? Or if you just want to rant about what I just said or relate to what I just said. Rant over


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    Literally going through the same thing. Had a full breakdown tonight bc I ate 260 over my calories. Life shouldn’t be this freaking stressful about weight. I feel punished that for the rest of my life I have to watch what I eat, count calories and weigh my food just to not gain more weight while there are people who can eat whatever and not gain a pound. People who are naturally thin, and don’t worry about body image. I’m so ready to give up.

    Oh god you're preaching to the choir! I am just hoping that this settles in the next weeks. I've done it before but it's is ssssoooo freaking hard in the beginning!!! 😭😭😭I'm hoping I never go off the wagon again! We got this! We got this! We got this! The only thing that has been saving me is in moments of weakened I come on here and/or listen to the "inspirational speeches" channel on my spotify!
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    Terytha wrote: »
    That's normal, for now. Unfortunately your body doesn't know that there's a difference between choosing to eat less, and starving. Its fighting you, trying to get you to eat more, because it doesn't want you to starve.

    It will go away. You will feel better if you give it time. I know it's hard. I'm there with you. But we can do this! You have GOT this, I believe in you.

    Drink water, too. It tricks you into feeling full so it gets a touch easier. :)

    Aaaawww thanks girlie :)
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    MsBaz2018 wrote: »
    It goes away. You get used to eating less and you stop fighting all the time. At one point is becomes more of a choice than a fight.
    Hang in there a little longer.

    Last time I went this hard was in 2015. It took me about 2 weeks of actual NONE cheat days and being exactly precise in my calorie counting (weighing, etc...). How long did it take you??
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    sending you love and strength. i feel you, completely. all thw above posters have some great advice but remember to jst be kind to yourself <3

    thank you!
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    I also love to travel and enjoy food from different parts of the world. Have now decided it's time to get serious about my weight and joined myfitnesspal so that I can record by food...keeping me on track and I am seeing results. I know portion size was my main downfall along with some junk food choices. Good luck to everyone on this journey.
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    I just wrote this in another post..but I'll repeat it here.. I think about what I CAN eat... not what I can't. Thinking in terms of a deficit and limiting food intake is too negative and draining for me. That makes me think about food in a negative way and food should be celebrated.
    I just ate the wrong foods that didn't feed my I enjoy assembling big salads with a variety of lettuces, dicing white and green onions, heirloom tomatoes, and red a yellow peppers with cucumbers. Maybe sear a few sea scallops to go with it and have a portion of basmati rice with chopped mint from my garden. That's my mindset.

    I don't want to look at food as celebration but strictly for survival. I HATE food and what it does to people. Other things should be meant to be enjoyed! Life experiences, walks, nice views, family gatherings, etc... Why is food always there! The hold that food has on us as a society disgust me! Sorry to say...

    If you hate food and can just eat for survival losing weight should be a cake walk for you. (pardon the pun). I love food, I see it as art and an expression of love and that it tells the stories of cultures and societies..

    along with my love for food I travel and experience many things in life.. and I fit very well into my airplane seat as I do.. :)

    I don't think you quite understand when I say I HATE food. I HATE what it does to me physically amd mentally. I know I'm going through withdrawal right now because I've been eating like crap this year but that's just because of the way food is made now.