Drinking (not alcohol)

I was wondering how much total liquids everyone drinks a day.
Also do you drink mostly water or for example: tea, pop, milk, coffee, type of juice, etc.



  • MikePTY
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    I don't really tack my liquid intake. But usually probably 80oz-100oz depending on if I work out, and how much spicy food I eat (I love spice, and it helps me intake a lot of liquids without needing to try). I drink almost only water. Just as a personal preference. I don't really like many flavored drinks that much, and I would rather save the calories for my food.

    I will occasionally have an alcoholic drink or two during a night out, and every once in a while a smoothie or lemonade when I am dining out and feeling the urge. I will also drink gatorade or other energy drinks like BodyArmor during a long exercise like a race. I rarely ever drink soda unless I am somewhere where it is all that is available.
  • Lenala13
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    Don’t track my water intake either. I usually have a 12-16 oz skinny vanilla latte to start the day, which is the only “caloric” beverage I allow myself other than the occasional glass of wine a few times a month. Otherwise, it’s plain or carbonated water, diet soda, or tea with Splenda. If I get hungry, I usually drink water first to make sure I’m not mistaking hunger for thirst cues. Otherwise, I just have a drink with every meal, when I’m thirsty, or when I’m exercising.

    Not a huge juice fan...I’d rather eat vs drink my fruit. Rarely drink milk by itself...usually it’s part of my coffee or cereal...unless of course it’s something that demands a cold glass of milk, like chocolate chip cookies! :smiley:
  • kimny72
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    I don't track so no idea. I drink water, coffee, hot tea, Coke zero, iced tea, sometimes a small glass of OJ with a weekend breakfast, beer, wine, and bourbon. :smile:
  • bpetrosky
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    About .1 firkin of various liquids throughout the day including coffee, water, tea, diet beverages and occasionally juice.
  • NewLIFEstyle4ME
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    When I was obese for YEARS, I drank a ton of coffee filled with flavored creams, maybe 10-15 or more cups per day and as I think of it...that's pretty much the only liquids I consumed with the exception of pops and juices, which I drank probably 32-64 oz or so a day. I NEVER drank water, ever. I HATED water for some reason.

    Fast forward to today, I drink so much water a day, at least 10 8-12oz cups (probably more) and 4-6 8 oz cups of green/exotic teas all thru out the day. I find myself drinking FAR more liquids (water & green and exotics tea without anything added, just the teas alone) than I do eating food (now that I'm slim and trim now--I consume FAR more liquids *with zero to very low/hardly any cals*) than food--it's amazing to think about it).

    Also, I don't really like full flavored soda/pops and juice like I did when I was obese and even overweight, I LOVE seriously watered down juices/pop better than straight juice and pop. Now, straight juice and pop tastes too sweet or too strong for me now--I like the taste of pop/juice to taste more like water...it's weird and wonderful to/for me.

    I CRAVE water and green/exotic teas now more than food. I also don't crave coffee like I did when I was obese. When I was obese I HAD TO (or at least I thought I did) drink MASSIVE amounts of coffee with flavored creams all day and night. I still drink coffee w/cream now, but far far less than when I was obese--NOT because I can't have coffee with creams, but I just don't want it like I did when I was obese.

    ETA: I also don't track my liquids AND probably 50% or more of the water I drink is Trader Joe's electrolyte water as well. The other 50% is filtered water.
  • nowine4me
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    I don’t track, but I drink coffee, green tea and probably 100oz of water (usually with an electrolyte tab). I also eat tons of fruits and vegetables with high water content. Never pop, juice or milk.
  • Suuzanne37
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    I do not track my liquid intake; I drink lots of black coffee, water, and an occasional cappuccino.
  • AnnPT77
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    I track water because (1) if I don't pay attention to it, I don't drink enough, and (2) a couple of decades of experience tell me that if I don't drink enough liquids, my digestive system performs very poorly.

    Most days, I drink 6 or more cups (8 fl oz) of water, 12 fl oz of cold matcha, 2 large cups of coffee (each about 1/3 hot skim milk), plus some additional fluid-y foods (like soups or stews, skim milk and kefir, for example).

    I don't much like sweet pop/soda (occasionally drink sparkling water), drink a good-sized IPA (16-20 oz) two or three times a week, and rarely drink juice (V-8 or tomato once in a blue moon, almost never others). Occasional hot herb tea, especially in Winter.
  • aokoye
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    At least 44oz of water a day likely. I don't track because I've never had an issue making sure I drink enough water, but it's safe to say I drink a minimum of that. I also drink a cup of black coffee most days of the week and sometimes another 8oz of tea. Very occasionally I'll drink juice.
  • shaumom
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    I drink water, and then I make herbal tea to drink as well.
  • JeromeBarry1
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    64 oz coffee every day. Then 1.5 qt tea. Then 24 oz or so of 0 calorie carbonated beverages.
    Maybe also a bottle of Topo Chico mineral water.
  • texasredreb
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    I drink two cups of coffee, 6-8 cups of water, and sometimes wine or beer. The coffee is always, the water is getting to be always, and the wine/beer is three times per week. I think that totals 64-100oz per day.
  • lemurcat2
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    I don't track but drink lots without thinking about it. Always have, so tracking has never made sense to me. (I can't eat without a beverage and so long as I have a beverage by me I'll drink it.) Mostly water, but coffee too before noon and sometimes herbal tea (hot or refrigerated sometimes) in the evening. I have some brewing chocolate I sometimes have after dinner too. Occasionally I have a diet soda of some kind.
  • Lenala13
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    I thought the aspertame in diet pop was bad for you. Thanks

    I haven’t seen any good science that states it’s bad in moderation. Obviously, I wouldn’t drink gallons of the stuff per day, but I like the flavor and drink it in moderation. Water gets boring after a while. I’m sure I’m assuming some risk...just like eating bacon now and then or having wine. Meh, I’ll take it.
  • craziirabbit
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    I try to drink at least 120-180oz of water each day. It's a lot but i also donate plasma so....also i drink coffee about 3x a week.
  • zeejane4
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    I don't keep track but thinking about it a bit, I average daily-

    2-3 cups of coffee (8 ounces each), with 1oz half&half per cup
    2 of my 16 ounce water bottle with flavored water (Crystal Light)
    1-2 12oz cans of LaCroix/Bubbly sparkling flavored waters

    1-2 cans/servings of diet soda a week, usually on the weekends when we're out
    1-2 servings of alcohol a month
  • pierinifitness
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    I drink water, San Pellegrino mineral water and one large cup of coffee (no cream or sugar) daily. Recently, I’ve added a protein shake mixed with water.

    I only count the plain water and average about 64 ounces a day. Now that it’s getting warmer/hotter, this average will climb a bit. On running days, it’s higher. Recall having a 15 cup (8 oz.) day recently.
  • mbaker566
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    i do not quantity. i track output. so long as the output is a light straw color, i'm good
  • vegan4lyfe2012
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    Guess I'm the odd one out, as I enjoy tracking my water intake each day. It's usually around 100 ounces. I have a 33oz container that I fill up at night and put in 2 Raspberry Zinger herbal tea bags and leave overnight to steep. In the morning, I have 1 cup of hot black tea, then drink the 33oz of raspberry water. The rest of the day is filled at least 2 water fill-ups in my 25oz container and usually one or two fill ups of my 16oz container with unsweetened Luzianne iced tea.