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    I'm sick of having to justify my meal choices if i have something someone else deems a "bad food". Having had a messed up approach to nutrition for years with very disordered eating, i am trying really hard to get away from good and bad foods, and i will allow myself things that aren't poster perfect for health and fitness now and then, everything in moderation.

    I should not have to justify to someone (who eats what they want guilt free, and has never exercised in their life) why one McDonalds they happened to see me eating isn't going to make me burst into flames and invalidate my Personal Training qualification...

    Your def on to something.... Moderation is the Key.... ! This post really resonates with me
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    ...i will allow myself things that aren't poster perfect for health and fitness now and then, everything in moderation.

    The absolute key to all of this. People will always have an opinion, a little dig at you, or question choices, but it's nothing to do with them and will likely never understand your reasons and desires. A lot can be out of jealousy also, if they see you are going about things well and are happy, while they gorge on shite and are unfit and out of shape.

    It's easier said than done, but just don't care what others think or say and be content in your choices and how you're living your life :smile:
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    Really appreciate the positive feedback and Liaoverbrook sharing your experience! Hopefully we can all find a headspace that works for us and doesnt allow the negativity to get too much. All were trying to do is live our best life!
  • suzanne6094
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    Really appreciate the positive feedback and Liaoverbrook sharing your experience! Hopefully we can all find a headspace that works for us and doesnt allow the negativity to get too much. All were trying to do is live our best life!

    I love this, likewise been skinny fat my whole life and tried to fit into a mould, now I found BJJ and it has given me a passion for fitness and looking after myself together with yoga... Now the mindset is one of loving myself first and the transformation comes from there.

    Thanks for the honest answers here and everyone sharing....

    It's also is hard for someone who can't gain weight, I had the comment from others : Oh I wish I had that problem , it really rubs me the wrong way.....
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    Eddie_Ice wrote: »
    I am sick of the following inner monologue.

    Body: "Yo lets eat that!"
    Brain: "No"
    Body: "Ooohh Lets eat THIS!"
    Brain: "Dude, no"
    Body: "Ok, ok but lets just have one of these!!"

    We go to war everyday and only come together when the food diary is done and that sense of pride washes over us.

    Very, very well said. Battle won!!
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    The gym closest to my house has an upstairs track. Most of the group exercise rooms are also upstairs around the track. The track has two lanes and multiple signs posted that say something like "To avoid collisions, walk/run on your right hand side, just like you drive." Therefore, neither lane is dedicated to either running or walking, but everyone is to stay on their right hand side. I don't know why, but apparently this is pretty complicated for some of the people who run around that track because I've had more than a few near misses walking around corners (you can't see them until they are basically in your face) headed to a group class because some of the people running on it get on the wrong side. They then have the nerve to roll their eyes as if they think they have a dedicated running lane. There is not a dedicated running lane and using basic reading skills would clue them in to that.
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    ceiswyn wrote: »
    Hiking trails that are too rural to have, say, cafe stops with bathrooms, but too close to civilisation to be able to risk going behind a tree.

    And that is why I traditionally spend the first nine miles of any hike dehydrated...

    Try hiking in a skirt. I can ALWAYS find a place to duck off the trail for a pee break. Unless there is poison oak or long grass that might be harboring snakes or ticks.

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    rhtexasgal wrote: »
    My personal trainer has been out of pocket for a while so I tried working with another one at my gym. He was young and seemed to be a real go-getter. However, he did not listen to anything I had to say about my health, diet and overall physical fitness. I have lived with my body for 47 years ... I think I know what I can and can't do and what I would be willing to try.

    I shattered half of my left kneecap almost 10 years ago and it has been a hard road getting it as strong as my other knee, especially since the muscles and connective tissue separated from my kneecap and had to be reattached on the "good" side. My knee no longer moves up and down like a hinge but rather sort of to the side and then back into place. One exercise I simply cannot do is the leg extension machine. I have had my knee lock up and that is a hell I don't want to revisit. The trainer kept on insisting I "try" it ... I finally had to basically shout at him and he got offended. I told him I got offended because he didn't listen to a word his paying client had to say. Now we give each other the evil eye in the gym ...

    I live in a rural area with one tiny gym and one personal trainer. I hired her and told her my goals and limitations (like back and shoulder issue and wanting to build strength and endurance gradually). She didn’t listen to any of it and gave me a cookie cutter program designed for a 25-year old who is already in shape. She’s been in bodybuilding competitions so thinks she knows it all.

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    Jerks who listen to their music without headphones. I walk a beautiful nature trail near my house every day, it's gorgeous and there's a stream burbling alongside the path, birds and little animals scurrying - it's like a Disney animation come to life. I love it. And most of the time everyone I see is super friendly and nice and says hello and I get to pet all the good doggos. But once in a while, there will be some inconsiderate jerk strolling along blasting their music at top volume from their phone speakers. No. Stop it. I don't want to hear your garbage musical choices. Put your gorram headphones in.

    My husband has done this a few times when we ride bikes together. I'm like, please don't. No one wants to hear your music. Drives me crazy when people do that in the gym as well. Especially because they are competing with the overhead speakers.
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    I get annoyed when my co-workers talk about food constantly!! They come into work & talk about what they had for dinner, then proceed to talk about all the "healthy" food trends these days. They want to eat healthy, work-out, etc.'s ALL about lunch!! What burger joint or pizza joint to go to for lunch. Really?? Yeah, that's ALL the healthy foods these days. So annoying!!
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    Diet rant?
    People asking me why I'm eating an unusual food combo that keeps me satisfied for hours.
    Why I'm still eating when they think I should have had enough. My hunger, my calories, and neither were satisfied yet.
    People crowing about how they starved themselves all day just to watch them binge as soon as its meal time.
    Someone at work who literally panics because she ate a 120 calorie cookie and now she'll never lose weight, then admits she doesn't really count calories, weigh, or measure anyway. Wth?
    Anyone who gets in my face with their nutrition and exercise physiology degree from Netflix university and tries to tell me they've seen the light, again. Last month What the Health says be a vegan, now the next movie says fast and do keto. 🙄

    Agree 100%!! I eat some strange combos & my co-workers give me strange looks. I can have a plateful of veggies, fruits, & protein & only consume roughly 300 calories. While they eat 3 fries with 300 calories!!