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jenifr818jenifr818 Posts: 861Member Member Posts: 861Member Member
Finally got the A/C fixed at my house ... I no longer feel like I'm about to die! YAYYYY!

I know no one cares, just wanted to post it because I can :bigsmile:


  • Cutting4lifeCutting4life Posts: 505Member Member Posts: 505Member Member
    1st world problems
  • UnwrappingCandyUnwrappingCandy Posts: 418Member Member Posts: 418Member Member
    I am so happy you got your air conditioning fixed. :) It's definitely something I'd rather not live without.
  • bregalad5bregalad5 Posts: 3,993Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,993Member, Premium Member
    Lucky. My apartment's a/c is in my roommate's room and he pretty much refuses to use it. My room gets hot as f**k, and all the humidity just sits there.. it's no wonder I can barely sleep at night!
  • JusticeGirl25JusticeGirl25 Posts: 703Member Member Posts: 703Member Member
    My workplace A/C unit broke down over the weekend and won't get fixed until next Monday.

    It sucks!
  • sissiluvsissiluv Posts: 2,207Member Member Posts: 2,207Member Member
    We moved into a place recently that has no a/c.

    I'm being boiled alive. *u*
  • pkinbluepkinblue Posts: 140Member Member Posts: 140Member Member
    Having lived in hot places (Spain and AZ) and cold places with no AC that get hot once or twice a year (Seattle) I sleep with ice packs on those nights--cools you down long enough to fall asleep.

    Or--mist your sheet with water and pull it over your body and point a fan at your body.

    Good luck.
  • whierdwhierd Posts: 14,199Member Member Posts: 14,199Member Member
    I thought this was about electricity.

    Moving on.
  • JenCatwalkJenCatwalk Posts: 302Member Member Posts: 302Member Member
    My a/c stays on 60 degrees all day. :happy:
  • ScatteredThoughtsScatteredThoughts Posts: 3,761Member Member Posts: 3,761Member Member
    We had high temps around 119F this past weekend, so yes, I also appreciate air conditioning. :smile:
  • michellemybelllmichellemybelll Posts: 2,248Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,248Member, Premium Member
    My a/c stays on 60 degrees all day. :happy:

    you must have a helluva bill for electricity
  • manderson27manderson27 Posts: 3,386Member Member Posts: 3,386Member Member
    A/C in the UK


    edited May 2019
  • isalsayourface123isalsayourface123 Posts: 2,117Member Member Posts: 2,117Member Member
    I like fans.
  • TheRoadDogTheRoadDog Posts: 11,863Member Member Posts: 11,863Member Member
    We are getting ready to sell and retire to another state. We just replaced the Heater, Water Heater and added A/C along with alot of other improvements. We never had A/C before. Now, I'm thinking "Why did we wait so long? We could have done this 30 years ago and enjoyed it instead of gifting the next owners."
  • Sunshine_And_SandSunshine_And_Sand Posts: 1,314Member Member Posts: 1,314Member Member
    We replaced the central unit a few years after moving in to our current house. BIG ticket item but worth it. The previous one went out during summer, and it gets HOT down here in summer.
    I do find it a little ironic that I don't mind and even enjoy being outside in 90 degree weather with lots of humidity but when it gets above 75 inside it feels too hot.
  • go_cubsgo_cubs Posts: 1,183Member Member Posts: 1,183Member Member
    I want to put mine on but I feel it’s still to early too
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