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There's an entry for poop . . .



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    Caporegiem wrote: »
    I remember A long time ago on here there was an entry for Semen, not sure if it's still there or not. I think it went by load lol

    I think it's been removed but I remember it as well. If I'm not mistaken one of the serving sizes for it was "1 squirt"

    I have seen in logged in teaspoons, it's been awhile though.

    I have also seen someone log their marijuana and coke consumption. (not the soda) Not sure why you would even log those since they are calorie free though. And if you use them at the same time does the energy boost from the coke cancel the muchie sensation of the marijuana?

    What if they used the mj to make cannabutter for brownies?

    That's totally different, I would log that shiznit. Do you happen to have any available?
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