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Am I just replacing muscle with fat?

tfield98tfield98 Posts: 28Member Member Posts: 28Member Member
67 y.o. male, 5'10. I lost 20 pounds last year (first-time dieter) with MFP. BMI now 23. I'm at my target weight of 161.

I have never done heavy weights, just resistance and body weight, spinning, walking, swimming.

I've maintained my 20-pound loss. And, I'm doing a lot less exercise and no longer counting calories.

I'm worried that my maintenance success is may due to muscle loss (from fewer workouts and aging) offsetting fat gain.

Is that a realistic worry? I've considered getting a BMI test in a tank to monitor the fat/muscle ratio, but don't know what kind of precision or accuracy from test to test these tanks have.

Any comments on my thinking?


  • cmriversidecmriverside Posts: 29,256Member Member Posts: 29,256Member Member
    Well, both aging and weight loss contribute to some muscle loss, but with just a 20 pound weight loss I would doubt it is any significant amount. Is there a reason it's troubling you today?

    I wouldn't worry excessively about it. It seems you're reasonably fit and doing some resistance work. I'm about your age and I think I worry more about injury than muscle loss - but I'm female.

    Do you want to start a weight lifting program? I'm sure there is plenty of help for that on this site.
  • awnurmarcawnurmarc Posts: 103Member Member Posts: 103Member Member
    Sarcopenia is absolutely a concern. I would try to consume at least 161 grams of protein a day and strength train.
  • awnurmarcawnurmarc Posts: 103Member Member Posts: 103Member Member
  • MikePTYMikePTY Posts: 3,660Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,660Member, Premium Member
    While weight lifting/strength training can only be beneficial, I don't think "your maintainence success if from losing muscle and gaining fat". If you eating at maintenence calories, your body doesn't have any need to burn muscle for energy, so the chances of that happening are pretty low in any measurable level, especially if you have at least moderate protein intake.

    You do lose muscle with aging, but it is a slow, long term process that is in the fraction of pounds a year. So I don't think that is the reason for your maintanence.

    A dexa scan or Bod Pod body fat test can give you some additional insight to your composition, should you decide to go that route. There is no such thing as 100% accuracy, but they are the most accurate on the market.
  • MikePTYMikePTY Posts: 3,660Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,660Member, Premium Member
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  • nxd10nxd10 Posts: 4,507Member, Premium Member Posts: 4,507Member, Premium Member
    Yes it is realistic (60 years old here) but resistance training is what we need at this age to maintain muscle and bone mass. If you're worried use a tape measure. It's more informative than a scale.
  • nowine4menowine4me Posts: 3,968Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,968Member, Premium Member
    It’s not too late to start!
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