Need just a little advice just a little motivation I guess


I’ve been dieting for about 2-3 months now. Don’t really know what weight I started at to be honest maybe 106kg (174cm). I’m down to 98 now, I have been quite active with increasing my ability to jog from 100m to 2km, doing that or walking 3km self initiated exercise each day. I have started a very physical job, involving constantly lifting 10-15kg bags for 5 or so hours. My issue is that I feel like I’ve been stuck at 98kg for too long and that I’m either eating too much (average 6,000kj per day, high protein) or I’m not doing something right either food wise (maybe portion?) or exercise. Is 6k kilojoules per day for my lifestyle too much, could I have just plateud for a short period?. Feels a bit of a let down for the amount of effort I am putting in.

Appreciate any advice



  • jlklem
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    If your not losing weight you have set you burned calories to high somewhere...or you log/estimate your food to low. Ton of factors to weight loss but the calories in/out trumps them all.
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    It sounds like maybe you are not eating enough for the amount of activity you are doing. Personally, I would try to find your new maintenance amount with the starting of this new job, eat at maintenance for 2 or so weeks, and then start to try to lower your calories again to start losing weight.
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    6000kj is 1500 calories. That is way too little considering how active your job is. 8kg is a lot of loss over 2-3 months. It's hard to say how much because you don't exactly have good data points to begin with. But you have been losing steadily. At your height, I'd say .5kg or .75kg a week is a better rate of loss than trying to target 1kg a week.

    As far as for why you plateaued, again it is hard to say exactly without knowing how long a "short while" is. But it's quite possible that with starting a new physical job, your body is retaining extra water for muscle repair, which is why the scale is not budging.

    But if you are at all accurate in your calorie estimates, 1500 cals is not enough for someone with a very active job. If you continue on that path you will likely have fatigue and can increase the chance of injury, among other negative effects.
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    Thanks for the input guys, I’ve gone and upped my goal to active giving me an extra 500+ calories. I’ve been at 98 for around 3 weeks going on 4. I have been doing some minor weight training along side the diet, so that might have something to do with Water retention.

    My start off data points are garbage because
    I find if I don’t think too heavy on the diet toward the start I can stick with it.