Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • skinnysushicat
    skinnysushicat Posts: 138 Member
    Looking for more friends. I'm f, 37, UK based, vegetarian, 50lb to lose.
  • carylamodia
    carylamodia Posts: 60 Member
    Hey I'm new! Looking for friends 😊
  • KeJo03
    KeJo03 Posts: 25 Member
    Hi, need new friends and plenty of!?
  • shivstark
    shivstark Posts: 1 Member
    I need motivation and making friends along the way wouldn't hurt
  • emmamarie19926
    emmamarie19926 Posts: 3 Member
    Feel free to add me :) could do with more friends to motivate me!!
  • AprilMLowe
    AprilMLowe Posts: 447 Member
    Hi Everyone! I am always looking 4 more friends on this journey!
  • afrogoth_jthk
    afrogoth_jthk Posts: 6 Member
    I'm newly pescatarian and looking for folks with either pescatarian, vegetarian, or vegan diets. Feel free to add me!
  • emmafriday11
    emmafriday11 Posts: 2 Member
    defo in need of encouragement :)
  • Annie831
    Annie831 Posts: 56 Member
    Not new but it's been a long time since I have been on and actively tracking. Getting back on track and going back to the beginning, in a way I am starting over again.

    My name is Annie I am 35 , 5'5' , and 230lbs goal weight is around 150 but main goal is to get healthier, stronger, and tone.

    I'm always looking for friends and accountability partners so feel free to add me!
  • michaelafoor916
    michaelafoor916 Posts: 710 Member
    I've lost a ton of friends... really need more to keep me accountable to get the weight that's crept on back off this body.. ugh. struggling hard. help a girl out lol
  • Scottybebop718
    Scottybebop718 Posts: 32 Member
    All healed up and ready to get back to healthy.
  • mlh57
    mlh57 Posts: 6 Member
    I'm open to new friends to help keep the motivation going!
  • amandawinkle48
    amandawinkle48 Posts: 1 Member
    zachduden wrote: »
    I'm always accepting friend requests from motivational and inspirational people, so feel free to add me! Also, leave a comment below if you would like others to add you! :)

    Hiya complete newby here x
    i cant wait to get started any help or advice very welcome🙈 💜💜💜🤪
  • sefikaevlat88
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  • TomFit18
    TomFit18 Posts: 2,585 Member
    Good morning good peeps! Always looking for some more friends....feel free to add me!
  • RulerOfCali1979
    RulerOfCali1979 Posts: 80 Member
    Add add add!!! Let’s get motivated 💪🏾
  • doingthisforme16
    doingthisforme16 Posts: 36 Member
    I would love to add some additional friends.

    I'm finding that support is key.
  • lizbanks
    lizbanks Posts: 31 Member
    I would love some more active friends!! I've been using MyFitnessPal on and off since 2011... I never achieved any of the goals I set for myself, had another kid and gained even more weight! Would love a couple goal oriented, active friends!
  • melmoon90
    melmoon90 Posts: 31 Member
    Could do with some motivation! Been doing this for nearly 2 weeks now :)
  • handyrunner
    handyrunner Posts: 32,662 Member
    Hi all always happy to meet someone new