People asking how I lost weight



  • MrsTitus2
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    Everyone and I mean everyone has to always pitch in their 2 cents . You are doing good so far . When you need advice you'll try other things. But with so much to choose from just listen to your body. I avoided carbs (bread) for 2 weeks and lost 10 pounds. Never again. It didnt come back but it was not easy.
  • wannabeskinnycat
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    When a colleague asked I said calorie counting & exercising and she said I should start Slimming World with her instead. Although she hadn't lost anything yet 'it'll be easier to count syn's than calories'. She didn't like when I said I lose weight for free. And she definitely didn't like when I said rather than SW subs, I could pay my husband £5 a week and he could call me fat instead :smile:

    A friend also asked me to join a juice plan. Basically she paid someone £100 a week to juice some fruit & veg in their kitchen and put them in little bottles. Sarcastically, I asked if that was all it cost and the answer was no, there's £10 for delivery too :smiley: I'd rather wipe my butt with nettles, which would be less painful than after a few days of magic juice.