Your favourite protein powders? Other proteins?

My diet coach, who I unfortunately need to stop seeing soon due to moving and finances, suggested that I look into plant based, low carb protein powders in order to keep up my protein while I continue trying to lose weight (I have 20lbs to go until my goal weight!), because a protein-focused diet has really seemed to agree with my weight loss but I won't be able to access the clinic's foods anymore. She suggested Vega, but I wanted to hear other opinions as well. Likewise, what are your favourite low carb, low fat, natural proteins? I'm seeing a lot of fish in my future!

If it makes any difference, I'm a Canadian with access to Amazon haha


  • Terytha
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    We use Vega at home. I like it, doesn't taste weird.

    Fish yes, but chicken also.
  • Copaiba
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    I always liked Garden of Life Raw organic protein. They’ve changed the formula over the years and it’s still good. Haven’t tried Vega but always more expensive.
  • tirowow12385
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    Hate most protein powders but i am able to tolerate it by adding cinnamon to it.
  • fuzzylop_
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    In terms of taste, my preferences (in order) are livwell (coconut only, cacao is awful, and vanilla isn't great), orgain (not really low carb), and then vega. Unfortunately, livwell isn't available in retain stores that I've seen (and it's expensive). I think you should get protein from food if possible, though, and use protein powders only as a last resort.
  • ladyzherra
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    Amazing Grass is a small, indenpendent company and they are very Earth-conscious. Their powders are wonderful, without heavy metals. I highly recommend.
  • psychod787
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    I like to eat my protein personally, but, there are even some online companies that will make you your own flavors and blends.
  • rodmelching
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    @blackforesttea . . there is a lot of good choices out there. I didn't like the taste of Vega, too fake sweetener tasting for me but that is a personal preference. I like Orgain Organic Protein from Amazon in vanilla bean flavor. My go to recipe is banana, 2c spinich, 1/2c frozen strawberries, 1/4c frozen rasberries and two scopes of hemp hearts. Seems like it sticks with me till lunch. Good luck!
  • Roza42
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    I like Sunwarrior
  • SModa61
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    I have not used a lot, so I do not have much to compare to. But I liked the Quest nutrition label so that is what I have used over the past couple months. I have used the vanilla and the chocolate and I just got in the Salted caramel, but have yet to try. Curious if anyone else has feedback on Quest.
  • MrsTitus2
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    Unflavored isopure
  • mamainthekitchen
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    Kaizen naturals vanilla is awesome! Straight from Winnipeg ;)
  • Irish_Walker
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    I drink an Owyn protein shake after my weight training sessions.
  • nooshi713
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    I don’t know if it is low carb but I love Bob’s Red Mill Vanilla Protein Powder. It is Vegan and has fiber and tastes good.
  • azucenaramirez31
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    I love Vega salted Caramel !
  • VegjoyP
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    I Love Sun Warrior and have been using it for years. I also like NOW Plant Protein complex, Plant Fusion Lean, Phood, Sunflower protein, NOW pea protein, Naturade Veg Booster :)