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What does your username mean?



  • ejbronteejbronte Member Posts: 867 Member Member Posts: 867 Member
    I like the Bronte sisters (Anne's my favorite, but I'm too lazy to type out "annebronte" and didn't like how "abronte" looked, so I went with Emily Jane Bronte).
    edited June 2019
  • Ssssss666666Ssssss666666 Member Posts: 560 Member Member Posts: 560 Member
    Mines is just bring lazy and not bothering to think one up but I guess it because my real name starts with S and and 6 is my lucky number?
  • Cowsfan1Cowsfan1 Member Posts: 7,937 Member Member Posts: 7,937 Member
    I’m Irish and I wish I was fitter.. in other words Irish I was fitter. I’m not good at humour but I thought it sounded unique haha :p

    It was moon child previously right ?
  • gonnasnapgonnasnap Member, Premium Posts: 146 Member Member, Premium Posts: 146 Member
    Well because sometimes I feel like I’m gonna snap
  • TreensdreamsTreensdreams Member Posts: 23 Member Member Posts: 23 Member
    People call me Treens short for Katrina and dreams because I have a lot dreams 🙂
  • megnolia82megnolia82 Member Posts: 555 Member Member Posts: 555 Member
    I adore Magnolia trees and my name is Meg, hence Megnolia. 82 for my birth year.
  • dododididadadododididada Member Posts: 178 Member Member Posts: 178 Member
    Some of my family members call me dodo or didi and I added dada
    (The sound of the Arabic vowels aaaaa, oooooo, iiiiii)
  • daniellam01daniellam01 Member Posts: 2,584 Member Member Posts: 2,584 Member
  • PuffyPattyCakesPuffyPattyCakes Member Posts: 21 Member Member Posts: 21 Member
    When I eat too much salt I get puffy. My first name is Patricia (Pat) so my Dad always called me Pattycakes before he died.
  • Howard_M_BurgerzHoward_M_Burgerz Member Posts: 56 Member Member Posts: 56 Member

    Mime comes from a long family tradition of fast food cooks :p
    edited June 2019
  • preacherswife71preacherswife71 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    Preacherswife71, my husband is a preacher and I was born in 1971
  • amorfati601070amorfati601070 Member Posts: 2,560 Member Member Posts: 2,560 Member
    It's latin, and a phrase coined by Nietzsche. It translates to "Love one's fate". Accepting everything that comes to you in life...the good and bad..and well as acknowleding it as necessary and inevitable.

    this from 2014...I'd probaby choose something different if I made the account more recently.
  • This_farThis_far Member Posts: 396 Member Member Posts: 396 Member
    On advice from a friend chose an historical quote.
  • SarinhassSarinhass Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    It the diminutive for Sarah + last initial. I find it funny and cute since I’m not small in any way!
  • LegendOfYasLegendOfYas Member Posts: 31 Member Member Posts: 31 Member
    My nickname is Yas and I am a fan of Legend of Zelda.
  • LeeanreLeeanre Member, Premium Posts: 142 Member Member, Premium Posts: 142 Member
    It's my 1st and middle name. Plus I'm not very creative.....
  • FinelyFermentedFinelyFermented Member Posts: 100 Member Member Posts: 100 Member
    I'm old but still think I'm 30!
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