Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • LegendOfYas
    LegendOfYas Posts: 31 Member
    Feel free to add me. I love to see everyone's progress. Keeps me motivated.
  • becoming_the_best_me
    becoming_the_best_me Posts: 66 Member
    me! <3
  • TomFit18
    TomFit18 Posts: 2,562 Member
    Good morning!! feel free to add me! Hope you all have a great day!
  • jraez013
    jraez013 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello. New here and looking for some friends for motivation!
  • handyrunner
    handyrunner Posts: 32,662 Member
    Always happy to meet new people
  • avalonblues
    avalonblues Posts: 558 Member
    I would like to add a few friends ... especially but not exclusively if you Crossfit, are a musician, or if you have your profile completed.
  • Morningstar25
    Morningstar25 Posts: 49 Member
    Kman4evah wrote: »
    I could always use more motivation to keep me going.

    I need motivation to keep going also. It can be hard alone
  • mscatrina07
    mscatrina07 Posts: 43 Member
    I’m all about the motivation too. You guys keep me going. Please feel free to add me as a friend!
  • GeeHoddy
    GeeHoddy Posts: 5 Member
    Staffordshire, UK here!
    as much motivation as possible required feel free to add! <3:)
  • Treensdreams
    Treensdreams Posts: 23 Member
    Feel free too add 🙂
  • DurtyPlumz
    DurtyPlumz Posts: 3 Member
    From Scotland , running an intermittent fasting 16:8 diet done 0 exercise and lost 6lbs in a month . Once this is done going to be hitting the weights hard to add some more size to my frame . Add if you like :)
  • phatp2
    phatp2 Posts: 8 Member
    South Africa reporting in :smile: Please add me, need the motivation to get through the final stretch...
  • dlbohl1991
    dlbohl1991 Posts: 786 Member
  • hughcallan
    hughcallan Posts: 3 Member
    add away thanks
  • eatingems
    eatingems Posts: 108 Member
    Hey all, my friends list is a bit bare.
    A bit about me: 27 y/o from Scotland UK with a desk job though I try to work out 3x a week. About 20lbs to lose to hit my first GW. Previously struggled with both anorexia and BED but I have a healthier mindset now.
    Feel free to add, especially if you're in a similar boat :)
  • sarahshort2222
    sarahshort2222 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi everyone! I’m new to this app & I need to add some friends!!
  • OrangeBlossomSpecial21
    OrangeBlossomSpecial21 Posts: 149 Member
    I’m on here everyday, and I post and interact regularly. Feel free to add me 😊🏋️‍♀️💪🏻
  • Wiltord1982
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    I'm always looking for amazing people. Add me!
  • Justn83
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    Friends for motivation :)
  • Sakura_Tree
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    hey! looking for some paleo friends, add me up :)