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    I mix brands all the time but I need to be coordinated, no clashy colours or patterns. I workout at home and this is very important to me or my workout suffers :p

    Something tells me your workouts don't suffer haha

    It's all in the outfits, I'm tellin ya ;)
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    sardelsa wrote: »
    etelfer39 wrote: »
    sardelsa wrote: »
    I mix brands all the time but I need to be coordinated, no clashy colours or patterns. I workout at home and this is very important to me or my workout suffers :p

    Something tells me your workouts don't suffer haha

    It's all in the outfits, I'm tellin ya ;)

    It's all in the backwards hat for me. I slack when I don't have it haha
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    This is going to sound like a plug given the platform is owned by UA but the majority of my stuff is Under Armour. I still have some reebok and adidas in the rotation and my running shoes are Mizzys but I often look like I should be on the payroll. I'm not quite OCD with brands matching but it is my preference. I'm with Stef about making sure I coordinate, even though I workout at home and the only ones who see me clangin' & bangin' at 5am are my cats.
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    As long as your clothes dont smell like booty, you should be fine.
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    My tops and bottoms are rarely the same brand. Tonight I went to Zumba in Zyia leggings, a Gap sports bra, a tank from Target, Puma socks, and New Balance sneakers. Played tennis this morning in an Athleta skirt, and Old Navy top, Reebok socks, and Nike shoes.

    My clothes do have to coordinate, but since most of my workout clothes are black, this is not a challenge.
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    I personally don't care what I wear. Most of it is stuff I buy when I go on holidays to Brazil anyway so they're brands no-one has ever heard about but are way better quality and heaps cheaper than any of the big brand stuff.

    However, that being said, if it's going to make YOU feel better about exercising if you look a certain way, then do what makes YOU feel better.

    I don't fashion, like ever, so for me personally, don't care an iota. And don't even notice anyone else's fashion either unless it's glaring, like this guy I used to have a crush on would wear lilac granny socks to the gym. He obviously cared even less about fashion than I do, because they were horrific. I still crushed on him though because his form was just divine.

    Or this one girl who wears head to toe Gym Shark - but all she does is bounce on the elliptical and take up space in the weights room with 2kg dumbbells - she annoys me not because of her outfit (and I only noticed the outfit after I noticed the workouts) but because sometimes we need benches and they're being used. I shouldn't grump about her 2kg dumbbells because at least she's at the gym and giving it a go and all that, but yeah. Meh. Being a *kitten*.
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    Your there to workout wear whatever you feel comfortable in
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    shaf238 wrote: »
    As long as you're wearing SOMETHING, try not to overthink it and just go smash your workout :)

    No getting stuff pinched in the machines! :#
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    This has to be a contender for 'first world problem' of the year.
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    This is not a thing that has ever occurred to me to be concerned about, but it may be different where you live.
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    What is it that makes what you wear important to you? Does the right gear make you feel more confident in the gym? Is it just a fashion thing?
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    I work out at home so it doesn't matter but I honestly don't think I'd want anyone getting close enough to me to be able to read the brand on my clothing, it's pretty small and subtle. Needless to say, I'm not wearing anything with a huge Nike swoosh on it or giant UA.

    I really don't think anyone notices or cares.
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    The good book says mixing gym wear brands may result in eternal torturous damnation and I believe that
  • that_night_in_paris
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    You need the right leggings and crop top for a really good workout. my wife always wear different brand crop tops with her fav gym leggings.

    Cmon rexy.... my good boy

    You really think we're gonna fall for that cheeky lil spam link

    Do those come in aqua ???
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    I wear based on what is clean, fits, and is comfortable.
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    The main big difference between brand name clothes is shoes IMO...a good pair of runners definitely worth it and actually helps prevent injuries.. Otherwise, WGAF...colours are more eye catching than logos. But what do I know, I do all my exercise in natture...I always thought people in the gym were prolly looking at themselves more than others lol.
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    .I always thought people in the gym were prolly looking at themselves more than others lol.

    ... well, because they are.
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    I like to look nice no matter what I'm doing, but I'm not much of a trend follower & don't worry about how others view me. Oftentimes, my hair is fixed & I'm wearing makeup in the gym, but that's because I traditionally workout late evenings after work & I'm not going to wash my face twice... before workout & after. If I come from home, it's no makeup & straight hair in a ponytail with a baseball cap. And, perhaps age factors into this, as well. Maybe it's a trend with those in their 20-30s today to wear specific name brands, head to toe. I'm beyond that age, but wouldn't have followed any trend anyway.

    Brand has never occurred to me because I buy according to style, price, fit & color. I'd never pay more than $20 for a pair of workout pants/shorts because I'm very clumsy & tear things easily, drop paint & other assorted won't-come-out-in-the-wash things on them & leave items behind at the gym. I once sprung for pricey, stylish, good-in-cold-weather workout pants with zippers & never even got to wear them once... they were stolen from my gym bag at work. Same with a pair of pricey swimming goggles stolen during a car break-in. I don't want to ache if something's missing... so, price is the foremost thing with me.

    I color coordinate & until I just looked now, didn't realize that all my bike shorts are Colombia & yoga/workout pants are Everlast. Must have all been on sale. Sneakers, too are whatever I can find that's the most comfy, black & under $50 (I prefer under $25, actually), cuz I've lost or had stolen a few pairs of those, too.

    I guess I'd say, if you have to ask, coordinate in the way you feel so that you'll be comfortable at the gym. I wonder if most notice anyway? Last time I was on the treadmill at my fitness center, a 40-something year old guy as round & short but not as beautiful as Danny Devito was kicking a bag wearing flip flops (not kidding), working out next to a gorgeous, 30-something Adonis lifting heavy weights. None of us had eye contact or exchanged hellos... that's normally what I experience at the gym... people doing their own thing & not bothering anyone else.

    Wear what you want, do your workout & don't worry about your outfit.
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    While I was on my half marathon kick I got pretty particular about brands due to comfort. There are alot of little things that will drive me up a wall halfway through a long run, so when I find something I like I stick to it; however, it's a total mishmash of brands for me. All my bras are UA, all my shoes are Asics, most of my pants are fabletics right now. I am least picky about shirts so I buy whatever I like based on look, fabric, and price point for those. I do often end up somewhat color coordinated, and I think that is fun personally, but not so much brand coordinated.