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No cook lunch

skelley4753skelley4753 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
in Recipes
What are some healthy and fulfilling no cook lunch meals?

My biggest struggle is staying away from fast food, because of my business. I do residential remodeling so I'm always on the go. Very rarely do I have a microwave or refrigerator available.



  • acpgeeacpgee Member Posts: 5,475 Member Member Posts: 5,475 Member
    This is maybe a bit boring, but the lunch I bring to my desk is defrosted frozen veg (100g) with about the same quantity of leftover protein from the night before. Protein needs to be sliced thinly so you can deal with it using disposable cutlery. Although I have access to both a microwave and fridge, I use neither.
  • littlegreenparrot1littlegreenparrot1 Member Posts: 424 Member Member Posts: 424 Member
    Salad. I have a thermal lunch bag, it will keep very happily in there with a freezer block, or a small frozen bottle of water.
    A flatbread with hummus and olives.
  • k8eekinsk8eekins Member Posts: 2,258 Member Member Posts: 2,258 Member
    What are some healthy and fulfilling no cook lunch meals?

    My biggest struggle is staying away from fast food, because of my business. I do residential remodeling so I'm always on the go. Very rarely do I have a microwave or refrigerator available.

    Are you accessible to any camping cooking equipment? An electric kettle? A toaster oven? If yes - then MREs.

    Zero heat options: Trail-mix, protein bars/slices, jerky, protein tortillas with foil-packed canned meats.
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  • geauxtigerlilygeauxtigerlily Member Posts: 75 Member Member Posts: 75 Member
    I had these shrimp spring rolls for lunch all last week and they are very good without heating up! I think they'd be ok for a few hours in an insulated lunch bag, but you could always leave out the shrimp if you're worried about that. I made them all on Sunday, and they kept well all week, even with the avocado.

    The recipe doesn't call for rice noodles, but I added some to my rolls since I like them. I calculated about 300 calories for two rolls with dipping sauce. They're very satisfying with the mix of refreshing flavors (cilantro, basil, hoisin) and textures (crunchy from the cabbage and carrots, creamy from the avocado, soft from the wrapper/noodles). I overstuffed mine, though, so I mostly ended up eating the dish with a fork like a salad, but it still made for a good lunch.
  • CynthiaMargiottaCynthiaMargiotta Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
    I'm low carb so I buy a roast chicken at the grocery store every week and take about 6 oz (not counting the bones) just about every day.
  • sacangel92sacangel92 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    I have been eating this for lunch every day. It’s avocado, turkey, tomatoes, olives, and pesto!!
  • hesn92hesn92 Member Posts: 5,853 Member Member Posts: 5,853 Member
    I'm pretty boring, I just eat a sandwich and some type of veg dipped in ranch on the side. I would just put it in a lunchbox with a cooler.
  • NoHookUpZoneNoHookUpZone Member, Premium Posts: 1,571 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,571 Member
    When I'm on the go and need to grab something, there's a few places around here that do carbless. It's saved me on more than one occasion
  • raylo1313raylo1313 Member Posts: 20 Member Member Posts: 20 Member
    Go to a grocery stores instead of fast food places and peruse their delis. Some have hot and cold to go foods.
  • leahkathleen13leahkathleen13 Member Posts: 273 Member Member Posts: 273 Member
    I like an Apple, cheese stick, and cold chicken breast. It keeps in a brown bag just fine. You could add carrots, cucumber,or pepper slices. I make a pan of chicken, just baked and in the fridge. The cheese sticks and apples keep for a long time. I never seem to get sick of this.
  • GrizzledSquirrelGrizzledSquirrel Member Posts: 89 Member Member Posts: 89 Member
    Try chunky soups or stew in a flask. Even in warm weather, hot food feels a lot more satisfying IMO and after a morning at work, a few sad veggies just don’t really do it for me.
  • LillyStar24LillyStar24 Member Posts: 77 Member Member Posts: 77 Member
    Pickles wrapped with deli turkey/chicken and cheese.
    Salad - Any sort really.

    Premade chicken/tuna salad pouch with veggies.
  • mrsstoll2016mrsstoll2016 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Just started clean eating diet for weight loss and health reasons.... looking for some light lunch ideas that will keep me in my calorie count. Any ideas?
  • hmhill17hmhill17 Member Posts: 283 Member Member Posts: 283 Member
    My go to 20 years ago was a bag of frozen mixed veggies and poached chicken with some sort of vinaigrette. Veggies would defrost during the day and keep the chicken cold. Get some canned water cress and it's a decent crunch. Canned artichoke hearts for some acid. Peruse the Asian section of the grocery store for things like Gochujang or Kimchi.

  • weatherking2019weatherking2019 Member Posts: 879 Member Member Posts: 879 Member
    my today's no cook lunch. Just cut up veggies and dressing. I had in my cooler/lunch bag.
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