What was your "time to get healthy" moment?



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    I tried many ways & things to lose weight over the years & finally accepted myself. I didn't think I could lose weight because I was eating fairly healthy (always cooked my own meals), I didn't drink soda, rarely ate fast foods, exercised, didn't snack, ate twice a day etc, so all the times my Dr told me I need to lose weight I got upset because I didn't think I could BUT a friend lost weight using mfp so I decided to try it without expecting it to work. It WORKED!! I didn't know about calorie counting before
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    Probably when someone posted fat pics of me online. I'm vain like that....
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    It was the day I thought I was the weight that I was the morning I went into labor with baby #3. I stepped on the scale, and I was 8lbs heavier than that.
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    Probably when someone posted fat pics of me online. I'm vain like that....

    If vanity spurs better health, IDK- there's worse things you could be!
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    I'd lost a lot of weight with a weight loss center about 6 years ago, maintained for a while, but then the weight started to creep back. Lots of things (portion creep, emotional eating, family drama, work stress, etc). I got up to within 10 lbs of where I'd started, but even that wasn't enough until my doctor told me that I'd need to get on blood pressure meds if I didn't do something post haste. That was last December, and I've gotten back into my groove now. I'm down 40lbs again (still a ways to go), my blood pressure is safe again, and I'm back into running. I did a 10k yesterday and I'm signed up for my first ever half marathon in November.

    Awesome job!! I totally relate to portion creep and emotional eating, ugh! I did a 10k about 3 years ago and I was in the best shape I've ever been in as an adult-- I want to get back to that. Amazing how easy it is to let great habits slip. Best of luck on your half!!
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    6 weeks ago today, I was told by the practice nurse at my GP's surgery, that I was Type 2. The shock of that diagnosis ( and the possible consequences) made me determined to lose weight and become fitter. I have completely changed the way I eat. I no longer buy biscuits, cake or sweets. I'm loosely following the advice of a UK ''media' doctor, ie lowering my carb input, while eating healthy fats and protein. I allow myself the occasional treat, eg restaurant meals-last night, I had gammon steak, salad and a few chips/French fries. I lost exactly one stone in the first 2 weeks, which obviously isn't sustainable, but have lost another 8lb since- total loss of 22lbs. Haven't once felt hungry or deprived of my sugar 'fix'. I walk a little every day, or swim. (I wear a fitness tracker 24/7 too, which helps. Still a long way to go, but I'm looking forward to my next appt with my nurse, in August. Good luck to everyone else on this journey.

    This is me too, good luck with your progress!

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    Wow! Well done you, for avoiding potential health issues found at your medical. Hope your husband is well now. I've also been down the route of slimming clubs- lost, then regained plus! Attendance at the clubs was mostly for vanity reasons, if I'm honest. This time it's different. After my diagnosis, my daughter immediately bought me the latest edition of a magazine called Top Sante, which had an article about reducing, or even reversing Diabetes T2. She also bought me a copy of 'the Doctor's' ( am I allowed to name him?) Blood Sugar Diet. Between them all, and the excellent MFP, my life is changing forever. Good luck.

    Hubby is completely better now thanks! Massive well done to you for changing your life. I actually found the blood sugar diet pretty easy with no hunger and very few cravings (my downfall!) although I'm much more relaxed now and try to stick to lower carbs (not carb free, I still like the odd slice of bread or a bit of rice and I'm a sucker for a roast potato) eating good fat which is hard when all your life you've tried to do the opposite and plenty of protein and veg. Simply because it suits me!! I try to avoid sugar and pastry because if I start I can't stop...

    Hopefully you can reverse your diabetes, good luck with the nurse appt. in August let us know how it goes!!

    Hi both - I hit the T2 markers in February and also did the Blood Sugar diet - apart from still being fat :) my markers are now back in the normal range. Reversing T2 is not possible for everyone but it is possible, esp if you are relatively new to the issue.

    I started at 800 calories NET and that got nearly 40lb off in 13 weeks without any issues around hunger or how I felt. If anything it showed me how I really did not need to eat all the time and/or in case I could'nt eat later.....

    MFP showed me I clearly didnt have a scooby-doo about portions sizes - the content wasnt too bad, there was just waaay too much of it.

    Now I shift between 800 and 1500 NET depending on whats going on with life to get the 'last' 40lb off and I also feel way better for this way of eating.

    For those who want some reading on this, this link give a lot of info about the potential to reverse T2 as well as how a lower than the often quoted 1200 calories can be nutritionally balanced when adhered to under the appropriate circumstances (so not for those with ED's, who are pregnant, under 16's etc).


    P.S - I still think sugar and pastry are wonderful and evil in equal measure - just rarely worth the calorie 'spend'.

    Great link, thanks!
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    Mine was Type II diabetes diagnosis about 4 months ago. Since then, I have:
    1. Lost around 35 pounds, mainly through eating 1,600 calories a day for 3 months. I am now at my target weight
    2. Exercised close to every day. This includes lifting; indoor rowing; hiking; yoga; kettlebells; climbing; and swimming.
    3. Walked more - I average close to 15,000 steps (not included in the exercise)
    4. Went teetotal, mainly to comply with my calorific target
    5. Eliminated processed sugar from my diet.

    My 1AC was 50 mmol/mol at the time of diagnosis - diabetes starts 48. It is now 38, so I am in remission. Other health markers have also improved (notably cholesterol, blood pressure, and maximum number of pull ups I can do.)

    This paper inspired my diet:

    Significant weight loss in newly diagnosed diabetics has around a 50% chance of resulting in remission.
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    I pushed my belly out as far as I could and I swear it was bigger than my pregnant wifes belly LOL