What is your favorite snack when you want to stay on track?



  • shelbygeorge29
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    admaarie wrote: »
    Chicken (don’t judge me lol)

    You aren't alone. I like to have cooked chicken in the fridge to grab some if I suddenly get hungry. So satisfying!

    In fact my husband made fun of me last week, we had friends in town and were going out so I told hubby I needed to plan so I could make healthy choices. He asked me if I wanted him to stuff some chicken in his pocket.
  • shelbygeorge29
    shelbygeorge29 Posts: 263 Member
    [quote="scribblemoma;c-42964302"I’ll also cover a dill pickle in a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese and then wrap it in corned beef before cutting it into to slices...we call it Cowboy Sushi!


    Second reference to Cowboy Sushi I've read in last 24 hours, must try!!!

  • MeganReid1991
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    Air popped popcorn with a tap of butter.
    Veggies & dip
    Berries with light whipped cream
    Black Forest ham slices & a cheese string
    Greek yogurt with some fresh pineapple
    100 calorie bag of chips.

    I’m definitely more of a salty snack type of girl! Don’t crave sweet stuff very often and if I have a bad chocolate craving I usually just allow myself half a chocolate bar because it’s very rare.
    JRSINAZ Posts: 158 Member
    Baby carrots or frozen blueberries
  • wae2go
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    Right now my favorite snack is a peppermint mocha.
    Microwave a cup of hot water
    Teaspoon instant coffee
    Teaspoon pure cocoa powder
    Tablespoon Coffee Mate
    Dash of peppermint extract

    It energizes me.
  • amyelizbeth
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    Some apple slices with peanut butter. I really want some now...
  • amy19355
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    Sweet red pepper. I eat them like apples - remove the core and chomp away.
  • leanjogreen18
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    Cottage cheese with about a teaspoon of sugarfree jello powder usually rasberry flavor mixed in.
  • Salixiana
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    Krave flavored beef jerky (pink peppercorn flavor is my favorite.) One ounce is 90 calories, with 9 grams of protein.
  • whatalazyidiot
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    Greek yogurt and blueberries
    Banana (Sometimes with almond or peanut butter)
    Dark chocolate w/peanut butter and sea salt
  • lizziequek
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    orange ( fibre fills you up ) fat free hot chocolate (1 sachet 25 calories ), banana & oatmeal " cookies" baked @175 degrees in oven for about 15 minutes , apple
  • luckymushroom7
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    I’ve been having a Little Debbie Christmas tree cake(200 calories) with coffee for my afternoon snack lately for the festive season :smile: usually I’d have a yogurt cup and two chips ahoy cookies (on track-I’ve been maintaining for 6 months so far)
  • nicoleseph0321
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    String cheese, nonfat Greek yogurt with berries, boiled egg, baby carrots with hummus and sriracha or light ranch, popchips
    Now I’m hungry 🙃
  • laurenq1991
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    Unsweetened dark chocolate chips (the kind used for baking) with fruit (dates, or berries or peaches in the summer). It's not low in calories but it helps me stay away from processed sugar which is another health goal I have.
  • leahkathleen13
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    Big Apple and a cheese stick, or two boiled eggs.
  • Kupla71
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    White cheddar rice cake and pickles or hummus and Finncrisp or miso soup.
  • GreenValli
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    Right now it is so hard to determine what is my favorite with all the fresh fruit in season: watermelon, peaches, apricots, bananas, cherries, cantaloupe.....
  • Smarttasha
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    Pecan brittle
  • LyndaBSS
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    Avocado toast, well technically, it's homemade guacamole toast.
  • dpwellman
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    Sugar free chocolate pudding. 60 cals.