First milestone reached 50lbs gone

Its amazing 9 weeks 50lbs gone I have no words, still have a very long way to go, started 469 currently 419 ... goal weight 158, overwhelmed mfp literally changing my life, helping me to keep to my calories, I’ve cut out all the fizzy drinks, energy drinks, I used to need, and stopped all junk food...

And no I’m not over using exercise I’ve done 10 mins of leg aerobics, with help as I have fibromyalgia and m.e and use a wheelchair, just coming off because of the caloric deficit now...

Sadly I don’t look smaller yet, but hopefully for my 100lbs I’ll have a before and after pic



  • emeraldwoods4214
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    Amazing!! So happy for you... keep it up! 😁
  • ReevesKimberlee
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    Great job! Keep it up!
  • kapurcel
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    Stellar work! Absolutely inspirational!
  • ChickieBoom22
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    🎉 Congratulations on all your hard work and success!!

    And You ARE smaller and you’ll continue to get smaller!
  • TheOldBallCoach43420
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    Congratulations on the awesome start! 50 pounds is no laughing matter! I am eight weeks in and my goal is to lose four more pounds this coming week so that I can finally hit the 50 pound lost mark at nine weeks as well. I started at 395 and was at 349 today. Don’t get discouraged as you will be able to tell that your clothes fit better as you continue to move forward. Yesterday was the first time in eight weeks that I had somebody notice I had lost weight. Your heart and other organs are thinking you for doing it!! I know mine are!!

    Continued success on your journey!!
  • Lynn5707
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  • corinasue1143
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  • turnitaroundat40
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    So impressed by your post! Way to go! That kind of continued dedication will take you far in your journey!! :)
  • bobsburgersfan
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    Congratulations! Keep up the great work!!!
  • Phera
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    Best wishes for continued success on your journey! Well done!
  • tanneecora2680
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    Way to go. I just started my journey and love to hear about the successes so thank you for sharing.
  • magairlin
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    Well Done. You may not find it easy but it will be so worth it and you will get used to living without "junk" food and will cease to crave it.