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Tummy fat



  • AmatullahMuwahidah
    AmatullahMuwahidah Posts: 22 Member
    You may not have as much belly fat as you think, sometimes the belly inside is bloated, or there’s poor posture problems like Kyphosis, or problems with abs muscles not fusing properly after pregnancy. These types of things can make everything in the stomach area push forward, making your tummy area look fatter even if there’s not too much fat. I’d suggest taking pre/pro biotics, drinking teas which aid digestion, checking you have no food intolerances (gluten, dairy etc). Also check your posture is aligned correctly, maybe visit chiropractor or physio therapist for assessment, you may also be able to speak to your GP or physiotherapist to assess if your abdominal muscles are ok, maybe you have Diastasis Recti (sometimes it’s left untreated and unnoticed for many years after labour). You could also have internal Visceral Fat to lose, that can often push the tummy area out also. Things like stress can cause Cortisol to rise, which will make you store visceral fat around the tummy, are you stressed or experience anxiety? Focus on relaxation, people forget relaxation can help with weight loss eg adequate sleep (don’t just think diet and exercise are needed, you also need to rest!). Get your hormones tested to ensure there’s no imbalance causing you to store belly fat, hormonal imbalances can greatly contribute to fat stored in this area and you can do as many crunches and cut as many calories as you like (which will help), but if you don’t fix the hormone imbalance you’ll still have the body storing fat in this area. Oestrogen is one hormone to test, if it’s too high it can cause storeage of belly fat. Research “Hormonal Belly” (especially if you’re pre or post menopausal).

    Good diet and exercise will always help, even if you have poor posture or hormonal issues, diet and exercise can strengthen the muscles and bones to help your posture, and can help to balance your hormones, so keep doing your healthy lifestyle, but speak to your doctor for hormone testing and to check your core muscles and posture, because you may need extra medical help.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 39,841 Member
    benn8895 wrote: »
    Hey everyone, so I have a question. Let me preface by saying I KNOW that everyone loses weight in different places. I know that you cannot spot reduce fat. I know that no two peoples journey is the same and I know that you cannot predict where the fat will come off. BUT. I was hoping to hear from people who seemed to lose stomach last and when they started to notice it come off.

    I have lost 27 pounds since March. The first three months I lost weight by diet only but for the past six weeks I have been working out as well as keeping a deficit thru food. I have noticed my legs becoming more defined as well as my arms. I can see a lot of changes and fat loss in those two areas but not my stomach. 27 pounds down and my stomach has only lost 3 inches. I am only 4 pounds away from a healthy weight (about 33 from goal weight) and I still have a big belly. It is very frustrating and defeating to see SO MUCH change in the rest of my body but not this area.

    I know that eating low sugar and low carb helps with swelling so that would give a slimmer appearance but I'm anxious to have actual fat loss in my stomach area. I know I can't be the only one with this problem and no I'm not giving up and yes I know it takes time but I would love to hear from others to help keep me motivated in my journey. Thanks guys! Also, photos are definitely welcome! : )

    The midsection is primary fat stores for many, if not most people...it's basically a first on, last off proposition for many people.

    I saw the biggest difference in my midsection in my last 10 Lbs going from 190 to 180. Still, at 180, while I don't have a pronounced belly by any means, I do have a small pooch. If you used calipers on me it would be difficult to pinch anything but skin anywhere else on my body except for my mid section.

    I'd also say that a lot of people have misconceptions of what their mid-section should look like. Having a flat stomach and visible abs and such is a pretty recent aesthetic goal...from an evolutionary standpoint, it's not particularly practical or natural, which can make it very difficult to achieve.

    I know quite a few guys like me who are not fat, but not super lean either...diets tend to be pretty good for the most part and they do a moderate amount of exercise on the regular.

    I know a handful of guys who are ripped lean. One of them is a retired professional athlete and now a personal trainer...he basically spend his entire day in the gym either working out or working other people out. The other guys I know spend an exorbitant amount of time in the gym in a given week...they basically live for training. There diets, including my PT friend are also almost robot like and they don't deviate often from their plain chicken, broccoli, and rice...basic bro diet. Not something I'm really inclined to do.
  • jim9097
    jim9097 Posts: 341 Member
    Fat is fat is fat. Unfortunately if you have belly fat like me and that is the last place you lose it you just have to be patient and do what you are doing. Exercise really is the best for this final mile. The more lean muscle mass you have the more fat your body can burn. Be patient and stick to it; it will happen!
  • sarajane38L
    sarajane38L Posts: 2 Member
    Hi there, this may seem weird and I know you don't really want to exercise but hoola hooping is really good for belly fat I found in my younger years, I have actually been thinking of getting another, just don't know if they make them big enough for my current size. I'm a bit ( at least have been) a bit of a yoyo girl when it comes to weight but hoola hoop is really good for that stubborn belly fat love handles area :)
  • corinasue1143
    corinasue1143 Posts: 5,991 Member
    They make all sizes hula hoops, and there are even easy instruction to make your own on the net. I have fat, lazy arms. Got a small one to play with on my arms. It helps(when I do it).
  • brenn24179
    brenn24179 Posts: 2,123 Member
    You look young, I just know I never had fat in my stomach until age 50, I always had big thighs and butt but things changed. My arms are not as firm either. I lost weight in my butt and thighs, I would have never believed this when I was young.
  • kellyusagi
    kellyusagi Posts: 1 Member
    This may or may not be helpful but as others have said sometimes due to genetics having a flat belly is just not achievable unless you are in the difficult low body fat range (like 15%). The closest I have ever gotten was 20% and belly fat was definitely still an issue for me. However, some women have a 'flat' stomach if they are in the low 20% range. It really just depends on the cards you were dealt when you were born.

    With that being said I found flexing or sucking in the abdomen region was easier to do when I was in the lower 20% bf range and was able to achieve the appearance of a "flatter" stomach when doing that. Eventually it just became a habit to flex all the time or at least when taking photos lol.
  • LouVee186000
    LouVee186000 Posts: 81 Member
    Motorsheen wrote: »
    benn8895 wrote: »
    Hey everyone, so I have a question. Let me preface by saying I KNOW that everyone loses weight in different places...

    That's true: I lose weight in Utah.

    I gain weight in New Mexico.

    Have you ever visited the restaurants in Santa Fe ?

    YES I HAVE. And I spent my teenage years in ABQ and still miss the food. Rather glad I'm not there now, it would be very tough for me to lose eating carne adovada and sopa pillas a couple of times a week.
  • pontious11349
    pontious11349 Posts: 105 Member
    I think you are talking about Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet - who is awesome btw!!!!

    Anyway - your lower tummy is the bottom layer of the brick wall. The first bricks you lay and last you can smash away. Be patient and persevere. Thats what Im telling myself anyway,haha!
  • staticsplit
    staticsplit Posts: 538 Member
    I think you are talking about Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet - who is awesome btw!!!!

    Anyway - your lower tummy is the bottom layer of the brick wall. The first bricks you lay and last you can smash away. Be patient and persevere. Thats what Im telling myself anyway,haha!

    Yes, I think that was her!