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  • tamrabelcher414
    tamrabelcher414 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello. I dropped 155 in 2011-2014 and gained 55 back. Looking to lose 45 of it here. Fighting fatigue and am a paleo cooker. Hope to meet a good support group.
  • keithblog
    keithblog Posts: 3 Member
    trying to be truthful with my entries, Chrome is ok but Opera works much better at home desk top
  • tracyechildress73
    tracyechildress73 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi. Back again. My goal is 65 lbs. have been diagnosed w a fatty liver and need to JYST get healthier. I’m almost 57 w Graves’ disease, no thyroid, back disc issues plus. Low carb, sugar n calories is the thing that works me. Day 3 n feeling full n already less inflamed. Any encouragement would be great 😊. Tyia

    I too have discs issues (DDD) and was diagnosed with Grave's way back in '97 at age 19. Over the course of years I eventually had radiation treatment and now I suffer from Hypothyroidism... basically the opposite of Grave's.
  • lvmelendez98
    lvmelendez98 Posts: 2 Member
    hi, new here. Definitely don't know what I'm doing, I'm doing a whole lifestyle change for the first time in my life which includes healthier eating and exercising. <<(also some things I've never done before) So if anybody can help a noob like me get a little healthier and stay that way, it would be much appreciated. Hope y'all are having a great day or night!
  • dmcmillan74
    dmcmillan74 Posts: 11 Member
    Good morning. I'm Dawayne. I fell off for a little while but I'm back on the horse and ready to reach my goal.
  • RyotaFujikawa
    RyotaFujikawa Posts: 443 Member
    Hello, I am Ryo. I made an account a while ago, but didn't really use it. Now I am trying to get back to my goal. I used to be strong and fit, and a healthy 92 lbs. Now I have become much thinner and weaker and have become around 103 lbs. I must change that, so here I am to keep track. Good luck, all!
  • lisacduffy
    lisacduffy Posts: 1 Member
    Hello, Although I joined MFP years ago, I never really committed (used Lose It! instead). Last year, I signed up with Noom which will end in a few weeks. It's a good program but requires a great deal of daily activities and reading to complete within the app and also could use an upgrade. So now I am ready to commit to myself using MFP. My highest weight was 325 and have released 131 pounds. I've gained 50 and plan to release a total of 70.
  • relax8
    relax8 Posts: 23 Member
    Aloha, am a noob. .. looking to lose 40 # by new year. Need help/suggestions on staying away from the Chardonnay
  • gabby421
    gabby421 Posts: 7 Member
    Hi going to try this I hope it works
  • la_bandolera87
    la_bandolera87 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone! Like many people here, I have had MFP for several years now and have followed many diets and exercise regimens to lose and am hoping that this time around will be my best. I have been overweight my entire life but have always stayed active. Right now, I am consulting with several doctors on how to lose weight and keep it off so that I can avoid having major surgery in the next year or so. I am starting a macro/keto eating 'lifestyle' (50f/30p/20c) in order to retrain my body to burn fat. I am ready to reach a few goals as well as to lose #s, join me on being a healthier person!!
  • jenlucree1974
    jenlucree1974 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi there, Everyone. I'm a Noob. I've lost 30 pounds "on my own" with just using a written food log, reducing portions, and exercising. Now, I've hit a plateau and am hoping to learn from you guys here at MFP forums.
  • maryjaneflora
    maryjaneflora Posts: 18 Member
    Question - how do I see who “likes” “hugs” and etc my posts? I click on the link and all it says is I can’t like my own post.
  • DWBalboa
    DWBalboa Posts: 36,410 Member
    Question - how do I see who “likes” “hugs” and etc my posts? I click on the link and all it says is I can’t like my own post.

    To my knowledge you can't. I've tried it via the web app and the phone app, I get the same response on both. Just another way MFP breaks our hearts! :neutral:
  • gjoycie5025
    gjoycie5025 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi been on MFP for a while but need to start taking it seriously again. Would love some friends to help me along the way.
  • Hi Everyone! I am new here! Just decided to start a program to get back to an healthy weight. I decided to document my journey on Instagram for accountability (you can find me at @myaverageweightlossdiary). My goal is to lose 74lb. Let’s see what happens!!!!!
  • tess77h
    tess77h Posts: 40 Member
    Hi Everyone, this is my third go around with MFP over the last few years. Good intentions are not getting it done. I'm not only overweight but I'm T2D and have started having some issues because of it. My goal is to lose a total of 100# but I am setting my first goal at 25# in three or four months. Looking for ideas and support.
  • jkendo
    jkendo Posts: 8 Member
    Hi All.

    Question... will fasting break my logging in streak? I drink some tea or coffee and am doing exercises that I post.

    Totally open to new friends too. This process is always more fun with friends, right?

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