What food do you enjoy that your body seems to hate?



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    This thread is making me soooo glad to have the digestive system of a true genetic peasant!

    (Just in to brag and gloat, I guess. ;) ).

    The only thing I can think of is that if I eat something with enough secret meat in in (lots of chicken broth in something strongly-flavored enough to cover the flavor, say), I'll get mild intestinal distress (that's usually how I figure out I ate it by accident). But that's just about the gut adaptation after 45 years of vegetarianism, nothing really profound; if I phased meat back in, I'm sure I'd be fine after a couple of weeks.

    This is great (well obviously not the intestinal pain!) because I feel less like I’m going crazy after reading your experience. I’ve been fully vegetarian/occasional pescatarian for 4 years, prior to that I’d eat chicken if I had to, never any other meat, my entire life. When I got to the point only the youngest of my 4 children was left at home and the logistics of mealtimes got simpler I decided I wasn’t going to ‘go along for convenience’ anymore.
    I’m still cooking meat for husband and daughter and visitors etc and am sometimes in a situation where I have little option but to taste test a sauce whilst cooking. My husband mocks and says I’m being dramatic and it’s all in my head when I later have quite severe pain and gas symptoms. He doesn’t really see why I can’t just eat meat and get over being a ‘hippy’ about it 🙄. So it’s comforting to know that it’s an actual issue of adaptation and not me being stupid!
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    broccoli amd cauliflower :(
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    Cantaloupe, Which is weird because I eat every other kind of fruit and vegetable with abandon without any issue. But I eat more than a bite of cantaloupe my stomach gets all weird and gassy. I once ate half of a cantaloupe for breakfast and my tummy was hurting ALL day. I have other food intolerance I can track down, But something odd in cantaloupe that effects me.
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    Dairy. Especially milk and cheese. I’ve had to switch to lactose free but I have to monitor how much I drink of that too or else I get horrible bloating and cramps 😣I could live off of cheese in an alternate universe lol
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    And coffee. I have two limit coffee to two cups a day because of chronic acid reflux issues (it’s pretty bad) I actually shouldn’t even be drinking coffee anymore but it makes me complete ❤️ ☕️
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    I can eat bananas and melons but all other fruit gives me massive heartburn
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    It's interesting reading about everyone's issues! I didn't think of it but doughnuts for breakfast always give me diarrhea. I don't eat them at all because this kept happening. Guess it's one less calorie-dense thing I don't have to worry about!
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    Milk. I can eat yogurt, ice cream, and cheese but straight milk I'm sensitive to.

    It's likely you are lactose intolerant. For milk and cheese, the bacteria that made the milk or cheese has already digested the lactose. Don't know what is going on with the ice cream though.
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    My husband can't digest fatty meats. He loves a hamburger and beef dripping fries, but he will probably be throwing up a few hours later.
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    Coffee. I absolutely love it, but I have stomach issues that I try to take care of naturally and it just kicks my acid reflux up to a really uncomfortable level. I try to compensate with richly flavored teas, like almond. Mmmm.

    I’m also really salt sensitive so if I have too much, that will also make my reflux go crazy. Even if other people don’t find it salty and the salt content is not crazy, my stomach begs to differ.
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    Avocados- l love them but end up with severe acid reflux.
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    Cheese! I adore cheese, but it totally stops me up! :(
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    hot cross buns. Used to adore them with some butter. Now I get dreadful indigestion. First food that's ever affected me this way.
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    Carolina reapers.
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    Dairy. Especially milk and cheese. I’ve had to switch to lactose free but I have to monitor how much I drink of that too or else I get horrible bloating and cramps 😣I could live off of cheese in an alternate universe lol

    We are in the reintroduction phase of an elimination diet and my husband has already found that dairy and potatoes trigger his inflammation. He used to eat cheese for lunch, dinner and snack, as well as potatoes for breakfast every. Single. Day. No wonder he suffers from chronic pain!
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    Chia seeds. I adore chia seed pudding, but if I eat more than a teaspoon of seeds in a sitting I end up getting what my grandmother refers to as "the trots" (I guess it's less offensive than "the runs"??).
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    Banana peppers--due to acid reflux. I had to give up many things I liked, but I was able to add back in small amounts of some. Not banana peppers, though--found out the hard way.
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    Too many baby carrots and I get this weird feeling in my throat and chest. If I eat a few, I'm ok, any more than 2 servings worth and I get very uncomfortable.
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    Grapes and chocolate. Why grapes? I have no idea, no other fruit gives me pain, bloating and has quite like sweet juicy red grapes (although I love grapes so I still eat them and suffer the consequences). Chocolate consumption is almost always followed by a horrible headache and sick feeling. Possibly not helped by my lack of self control around the stuff...
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    Lactose and bread. My stomach bloats double the size. I have to eat a lot of fibers during the day and eat oatmeal for breakfast or I will be bloated for days.