Wtf why did I gain 6 lbs in a week!?!

Hey everyone!
So I've been maintaining my weight at 128-130...well woke up this morning to 136.4! Only difference I've done this week was: started hard core ab classes & spent the weekend in Vegas (no drinking, lots of walking, worked out there, got some sun)...what happened?! has anyone experienced this?
I am freaked out even though I know it cannot be actual weight gain..


  • sujju
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    if you are women on birth control pills for the first time... you will see weight will stabilize after 3-4months
  • LyndaBSS
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    Water. Water. Water.
  • nowine4me
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    Were you on a plane? That’s an automatic 5 that will drop back off within the week
  • apullum
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    Doing more exercise than usual, including walking, can cause water retention.
    Flying can make you retain water.
    If you ate more food than usual, it could be extra waste in your system.
    If you ate more sodium than usual, you could retain water.
    Inflammation from the sunburn can even make you retain water.

    In other words, it's temporary :)
  • cwolfman13
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    Airplane bloat
  • MikePTY
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    Plane and sunburn sounds like the most likely culprits. As long as you did not eat 21000 calories over maintenance when you were on vacation, you didn't gain 6 actual pounds. So don't stress about it and weigh yourself again in a few days.
  • frezisha
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    Thanks everyone!! I feel a lot better knowing this has to be temporary! I will let things get back to normal & weigh in a few days!
  • hotnumber
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    I gain about 10 pounds between ovulation and the days leading up to my period (tmi if any guys are reading this 😊). It usually goes away after Aunt Flo shows up. But I’ve heard you just keep hydrated during that time so that your body doesn’t continue to retain excess water.
  • nighthawk584
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    definitely water...two days ago I was 3 lbs heavier in daily weigh in, this morning, everything is back to normal and I lost weight :)