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Can you believe what my coworker did to me????



  • TeenybuddaTeenybudda Member Posts: 206 Member Member Posts: 206 Member
    Motorsheen wrote: »
    Teenybudda wrote: »
    Motorsheen wrote: »
    Or at the very least ..pissed in his coffee
    Teenybudda wrote: »
    This post is from 2008 so I'm pretty sure she's already killed jim (with a ham) by now.


    Or at the very least
    pissed in his coffee at work


    revenge times two....

    I'm guessing it was too funny the first time so she had to go in for round 2.
    Let's not forget Jim brought all this on himself.

    The OP and Jim are probably celebrating a wedding anniversary right about now......

    I wonder if they've ordered the ham 🤔
  • PAFC84PAFC84 Member Posts: 1,869 Member Member Posts: 1,869 Member
    Wonder if the OP has learnt how to use paragraphs yet??
  • FeelinFooFooFeelinFooFoo Member Posts: 4,738 Member Member Posts: 4,738 Member
    I kinda love this.
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