Was just told that Keto burns 230% more fat than plain CICO....

My sister likes to research on the vast wide internet. She knows that I like the normal balanced CICO to lose weight where I eat all three macros without limiting one in particular.
She told me that she read that the Keto Diet burns more fat than the CICO diet. I would like to assume, (but don’t actually know) that the study (if it was one) had both groups of people eat in the same calorie deficit.
Anyway, i hope you see what I’m getting at and my question is, is this true?
To me, I don’t see how the make up of the diet besides the calories matter. The body can “burn” fat in a low calorie diet that consists of mainly carbs and protein? So why do people on the Keto diet think not eating carbs makes their fat burning so much better/amazing?

I know this topic is heated and I’m sure I do not know all the facts and could be wrong. Please help me understand the science and learn some more. Thank you!


  • glovepuppet
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    The long term health studies into various diets are more interested to me than wild weight loss claims.
  • NorthCascades
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    There are two different things "burns fat" could mean.

    1 - makes you less fat. That's everybody's goal ultimately.

    2 - releases energy in fat tissue. This is unimportant to dieters, only of interest to people who do hours of continuous cardio. You can also release energy from stored carbs.

    Low carb diets will achieve #2, not that doesn't help you lose weight.