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Hello HELP!!! I am reaching 50 and had lived a just ok semi healthy lifestyle with really no weight issues. Fast forward 3 years of menopause & killer hot flashes I gained 30 stubborn UGLY belly, hips & thigh fat. I recently joined 9rounds which is basically boxing high intensity 30 min workout which I have managed to stick to 3 times a week & LOVE! Tomorrow will be my 6th class.. Here’s where I need help? WHY are my clothes fitting me tighter, I feel as if I am gaining weight. I have been trying to incorporate a healthier high protein diet. could it be a hormone issue? Has anyone experience similar situation and if so, any suggestions on supplements etc.? I teally want to lose weight, I feel I have a good workout regimen going and I am using this app for food, what am I doing wrong??


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    There are mistakes that people commonly make that cause them to not lose weight that we might be able to spot if you change your Diary Sharing settings to Public: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/account/diary_settings
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    Weight loss after menopause is the easiest weight loss I ever did. I no longer have the hormones cycling which means I don't get PMS with the cravings and bloating that typically accompanied it. hooray for menopause!

    Post menopause DOES have one issue some get. The reduction in estrogen affects how you store fat. It is more likely that you will store your fat around the midsection. I does NOT affect how much fat you store, that is still only about calories. You gain or lose the same way, it just is distributed slightly different.
    Ugh. No kidding. I used to be an apple now I’m a pumpkin lol. And I never had overly large hips/butt but now have really seemed to spread. At least my legs still look good :)

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    I don’t have answers for you - I just wanted to drop by and say you don’t look anywhere near 50! I thought you were in your early 30s! Go girl!
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    54 and still perimenopausal- so over this - gained 14 pounds. But have been watching my calories lost 6 and have flatlined. Sooo understand...will definitely look into @Emmapatterson's suggestion but deadly allergic to red wine dangnamit. Higher protein has really helped me. I was shocked in what I thought was my healthy diet at how little protein I was eating. I have more than doubled my protein and dropped several pounds last month and actually gained muscle too.
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    I quit the birth control pill in March and I am still dealing with the hormonal fall out from it!